A restaurant is using photos of Caitlyn Jenner before and after her transition for bathroom signs

A restaurant is using photos of Caitlyn Jenner before and after her transition for bathroom signs

A journalist named Dom DiFurio was eating in Dallas, Texas, at a restaurant called Dodie’s Place. There, he posted a photo of the restaurant's bathroom signs to Twitter, sparking quite a reaction. The restaurant is using a photograph of Caitlyn Jenner after her transition for the women's bathroom, and a photo of Bruce Jenner from decades ago for the men's room.

LGBTQ communities are understandably a bit upset by it, as it is a cheeky joke, but also implies a casual mocking of trans issues.

Dom DiFurio said:

"Collin County, where Allen, Texas is, as a whole is considered a conservative bastion in North Texas. I wouldn’t consider it a particularly great place to be LGBTQ."

He's not wrong. If trans people aren't comfortable in your restaurant, that's no good.

"I saw it as a bit of a physical manifestation of the wink and nod jokes told often to me when I see people from that part of town. The kind of jokes where you feel like the person telling the joke wants you to laugh to verify their inclinations, but doing so would perpetuate a terrible environment for anyone in the LGBTQ community."

Caitlyn Jenner has also come under scrutiny for being a poor representative of trans issues in the past, not least through her previous support for Donald Trump.

The owner of the restraint, according to DiFurio, is enjoying the media attention. The pictures are supposedly still up, and the owner doesn't see much of a problem with it. It is his private property, I suppose, but if a trans person comes in and finds it offensive, he will lose business and be labelled as a transphobe, which he may well be.

Allen, Texas is a suburb of Dallas, so not the most progressive of locations, to be geographically chauvinistic. Customers likely don't see it as a harmless joke, but a joke at the expense of trans people. It's not a particularly funny joke, either, I will say - pretty basic and even dated. Caitlyn Jenner is old news and there are other, more interesting trans people to focus on, like maybe whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who actually did something notable, instead of starring in a reality show.

Casual disrespect of trans people is a common thing in America, and this bathroom gimmick seems to just be another manifestation of it. What do you think? With these issues, it's best to work on a case by case basis. Some 'offensive' jokes are taken out of context and proportion. Others make people pretty uncomfortable and are just tasteless and bad. You have to use your common sense and social navigation to decide which is which.

In this case, it seems that the Dallas restaurant is making a big statement inside a physical location that is supposedly open to all people to grab a meal. It isn't a comedy show, it's a restaurant. And if it was a comedy show, it'd be pretty dated, and bad, and tasteless and all of that.