Rizzo from 'Grease' looks unrecognizable as she makes TV appearance to mark film's 40th anniversary

Rizzo from 'Grease' looks unrecognizable as she makes TV appearance to mark film's 40th anniversary

Many of us have had the pleasure of watching the cult classic Grease numerous times. Firmly cemented in history as a veritable great of Hollywood, Grease continues to attract a legion of fans with each new generation. And why shouldn't it? While the cinematic feature can not be said to be as groundbreaking as it was back then, you can't contest its value today; it is still talked about critically for its storyline, costume design and, of course, the wonderful musical numbers.

However, it appears that people are so attached to the film that they have forgotten that 40 years have passed since Grease hit cinemas. And this was made evident when Stockard Channing, that is everyone's favourite Pink lady, Rizzo, appeared on British TV show Lorraine this morning.

Grease managed to make household names out of just about everyone who starred in it. And whilst we have continued to see John Travolta and Olivia Newton John star in a string of blockbusters throughout the years, things have been decidedly quiet on the Pink Lady front for some time.

That is until Stockard Channing (Rizzo) appeared on the morning show, Lorraine, to talk about Grease's upcoming anniversary and to promote her new West End show, Apologia.

Many had unsavoury comments to make about Channing's appearance, failing to realise that Channing was 34-years-old when she starred in the film and is now 73.

People took to Twitter to berate the actress for not "ageing gracefully" and questioned her use of plastic surgery. One Twitter user insensitively wrote, "Oh my, Stockard Channing looks....... different", while others were more vocal in their criticism, saying "What the hell had Rizzo done to her face?!?!" and "Good grief, Stockard Channing looks unrecognisable on #Lorraine. Such a shame that people feel they can’t simply age gracefully".

As Lorraine and Channing started to discuss Grease's upcoming 40th anniversary, the actress conceded: "I don't really want to believe it! I don’t want to think about that number!" She then jokingly added: "I am the world’s oldest living teenager".

However, she does find it rather bizarre that people remain so obsessed with the movie. "It is a little daunting, coming out of the theatre with people shoving photos in your face," she said.

Despite Grease being one of the most popular films ever made, Channing admitted that she's only watched it two times. "Yeah, I've only seen it twice", she told the presenter. "I saw it when it first opened and there was a 20th anniversary and I went with a friend of mine and her little girl."

In a world where society and popular culture expect women to conform to near impossible beauty standards, it's profoundly disturbing to see people's reaction to Stockard Channing's appearance on Lorraine, especially given that the sole purpose of her visit was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking musical feature film.

As ever, people remain more fixed on the physical appearance of a woman, rather than what she has to say. It's rather disheartening, don't you think?