Ruby Rose is haunted by the giant rescue pig she got her mom six years ago

Ruby Rose is haunted by the giant rescue pig she got her mom six years ago

There's a lot of things a lot of us dread about the holiday season, and it's usually to do with unpleasant relatives and really long, boring family dinners that become so frequent that even the joy of eating starts to fizzle and die. But for Australian actress Ruby Rose, it's something else entirely.

The Pitch Perfect 3 star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falon on Friday and revealed exactly why it is that she dreads going home for Christmas each year... and it's surprising, to say the least.

After Jimmy asked if she's going home to Australia, the 31-year-old confirmed she would be, but that she's a little "nervous" to go back this year. In fact, she said she's been a bit antsy about heading home for the past six years...

"I get a little anxiety around going home for Christmas, but not like most people with family feuds or anything like that," she explained.

"No drama," Jimmy reiterated, to which Ruby turned to him and announced it was "pig drama" that she was anticipating. Huh?

"And not just because I'm vegan and don't eat pig," she clarified, "I mean like a real-life pig that wants to eat me."

By now, everyone in the studio was utterly baffled. Ruby went on to explain how her mother had always wanted a pet pig, and how one day she found some "mini pigs" for sale and decided to get her one.

"Oh yeah the teacup pigs," Jimmy nodded.

"Yeah, if it's the giant teacup at Disneyland."

Apparently, Ruby went to the rescue centre where they were selling the miniature breed of pigs, where she confirmed that the parents she saw were the expected teacup size. However, much to her surprise, the little piglet "grew like double the size every week until now it’s the size of a wild boar."

Ruby said the pig grew so big her mother had to get a new house, and that now it's not even allowed inside anymore. In fact, the thing grew to such an enormous size that the next thing to do was to buy the block next door so they could wall off the pig and prevent it from eating every single thing it laid its eyes on.

“This pig wants to eat anything under the age of 15," she joked, before adding that it looks like it wants to eat her most of the time too. She swears the porker eyes her off whenever she walks past it and has trouble sleeping at night when she's home for Christmas on account of the animal's horrifying snores and snorts that permeate through the walls.

“I love animals but I feel this one could eat me and my whole family.”

Yikes! And if you think she's joking, think again:

“Last year we did go to the emergency room because it did attack my little cousin."

To all this Fallon clasped his hands in glee and exclaimed: “We have such different lives, me and you ... wow! It’s fantastic, I love hearing it.”

Well, we wish you luck on your Christmas down under, Ruby. May you come out of the festive season unscathed.