Ruby Rose reveals the secret to looking young

Ruby Rose reveals the secret to looking young

Ruby Rose has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Starting up as a DJ and model, the Australian was the face of Maybelline New York before becoming a presenter for MTV and co-hosting Australia's Next Top Model. From 2008 she ventured into the world of acting, hitting the mainstream after appearing in Netflix's Orange Is The New Black, where she charmed audiences with her portrayal of sarcastic inmate, Stella Carlin.

Her media attention, which was often focused on her appearance, as well as her gender and sexual fluidity, resulted in an often criticised declaration of heterosexual women saying that they would "go gay for Ruby Rose".

The actor said her some of her friends had issues with the way her appearance and sexual orientation was talked about in the media, but she personally didn't have much of an issue with it:

"They personally are offended by it, saying like, 'You can't just choose to be gay. You should say something about all these women that are saying [they're] turning gay.'"

"I don't think anyone's doing it to be derogatory or to take away from what it really means to come out and identify as a different sexuality than what people will think you are,"

Now, Rose has spoken out on her health and appearance - specifically how she looks so young. The 31-year-old appeared on the Kate, Tim & Marty show this week, where she revealed the secret to her success: quitting drinking.

The star of such films as John Wick Chapter 2 said that she quit drinking alcohol six years ago, and has found that it has done wonders for her health and career:

"I go out and work functions are the best because you go up and you know schmoose and you talk and the next thing you know you've got a movie role. Because they think you've made a great impression on them but they don't realize it's because you stood there with them all night and that's all they remember"

"It's also how I keep looking like a 15-year-old boy when I'm 31. If I kept drinking the way I was I would look 65 now"

Back in 2011, she wrote an article about her choice to kick alcohol for good, revealing that a primary issue for her was how expensive the habit was.

"I can't say for certain how much money I've wasted on getting wasted but I'm sure the figure would hit me harder than any hangover," she wrote. She then went on to write about how she was glad to leave certain parts of the experience behind, including the "red eyes, smudged lipstick, a funny walk, potential slurring, forgetting people like their personal space and talking loudly - put them together and you don't get Scarlett Johansson."

"I realise now after having DJ-ed the club circuit sober how alcohol can turn a beautiful young man or woman into a slobbering creature from Middle-earth in just a few hours," she added.

It might not be the answer you were looking for, but if Ruby Rose is anyone to go by, it might be a good idea to cut down on the booze.