RZA finally admits that Russell Crowe did spit on Azealia Banks in 2016

RZA finally admits that Russell Crowe did spit on Azealia Banks in 2016

In the continuing saga of discovering which Hollywood and entertainment dudes are (potentially) trash, Russell Crowe and rapper RZA have both surfaced as top picks. RZA, was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, finally admitted that he lied about an incident at Russell Crowe's party roughly a full year ago.

Rapper Azealia Banks, of 212 fame, was invited to Crowe's party by RZA. There, two different stories played out. Banks claimed that Russell Crowe called her the n-word and spat on her, whereas RZA said Crowe did not spit on her, and that Banks was acting insane, insulting everyone in the party, and attacking Crowe unprovoked.

Now, RZA has admitted on The Breakfast Club that Crowe did spit on Banks, and likely changed the story to side with Crowe, the bigger star, against Banks.

At the time, RZA said: “I have a wife, daughters, sisters and females on my staff so I protect women every day. I pray none of them ever behave the way I witnessed Azealia Banks behaved that night.”

Now, Banks, furious that RZA lied about him spitting on her, said:

“Nobody understands how badly I wanted to die the moment rza LIED and told the world I deserved to be spat. People laugh at me and said I lied...No one understands the amount of pain that came with and after that incident. Just fucking respect me and stop saying my name.” She also jabbed: "@RZA I HOPE YOU DROP DEAD."

On Snapchat, she said:

"RZA has to stop talking about me in the media. Until he is ready to apologize to me publicly he can go back to sucking Russell Crowe’s d**k for invites to Hollywood parties."


Banks continued:

"You could apologise to me for free now and make this all go away … Even if I were being erratic, you should have enough sense to have me escorted out properly and keep your hands and your spit to yourself."

The incident appears to reveal much of the contradictory shallowness of Hollywood. If Russell Crowe invites you to a party, and then he ends up spitting on your guest after she insults the party, your job is now to lie for Russell Crowe, or you won't get invited again. And one wonders why Hollywood is so full of people who won't speak up on sexual assault?

Social pressure and clout is everything. There's no reporting on the validity of Russell Crowe calling Banks the n-word, but that is what she claimed at the time. Crowe was already recently outed as having tried to kill a 2004 expose on Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes, along with Matt Damon. Does Hollywood just breathe sociopathy and cold decision making? Yeah, probably.

What do you think? Was RZA a coward, or would you lie to cover for Russell Crowe? This is another example of how a Hollywood star and a famous rapper can claim that a woman was lying, even when she was not, and cast her as a crazy person. Banks has a controversial history, and that makes it easy for people to think they can lie on her. Unfortunate.