Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber go bike riding, might be dating again

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber go bike riding, might be dating again

Currently the top story on every website is about Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Everybody wants to know if Donald Trump colluded with Russia. But now there's a much more important story - is Selena Gomez colluding with Justin Bieber, for romance?

The two started dating in 2010, and had an on-again, off-again relationship until 2014. It didn't end well. They feuded on Instagram, after Justin posted pictures of himself with his new girlfriend. Selina called him a "vile human." He deactivated his account for six months. Her family members were disappointed in Justin's wild behavior. Some people think he's the reason Selena went to rehab for depression. To quote the great poet Taylor Swift, it looked like they were "never, ever getting back together."

But they just can't quit each other. Recently Selena split up with The Weeknd, after dating for ten months. It turns out The Weeknd isn't good at Commitmnt. And now she's been spotted riding bikes with her ex. They reunited over the summer, after Selena revealed she had a kidney transplant due to lupus. Nothing's more romantic than lupus.

I know, she can do better than Justin Bieber. But look at how she laughs in this photo. Her expression says "never been happier." Meanwhile, Justin Bieber's expression says "lobotomy patient." He's trying to show off by riding with one hand, but it looks like he's doing a weird salute. It's okay, though. At least he's not on Oxycontin, drag racing, or running over pedestrians.

They parked their bikes near a cafe, and got ice coffees. But as soon as they touched the ice coffees, they became hot coffees, because their relationship has so much passion.

This photo captures a candid moment when Selena grabs Justin by the arm. Her expression says "I love you, and I want to eat you up!" We can't see Justin's expression. He looks like a homeless man, or he's doing a really lazy Red Riding Hood cosplay. But I like to think he's smiling as well. And in case you doubt their fiery passion, just take a look at the next photo.

She's leaning her head on his shoulder! I'm guessing Justin's hiding his face because he's overcome with emotion. Romantic moments like this are impossible to put into words. To quote a great poet, "Baby, baby, baby, oh. Like baby, baby, baby no. Like baby, baby, baby, no oh." Enough said.

In this photo, Selena's never looked more beautiful, and Justin's never looked like more like a serial killer. It looks like he's a pervert smelling her hair, or the next Buffalo Bill, about to kidnap her. We'd prefer if Selena didn't get back with her ex - or at least, dated somebody who looked less creepy in photos. But the important thing is she's happy. Is this the beginning of a serious relationship - or just an adorable friendship? Hopefully Robert Mueller quits the Russian investigation and investigates these two instead. We have a right to know how much they're colluding!