Seth Rogen roasted Donald Trump Jr. over the Harvey Weinstein allegations

Seth Rogen roasted Donald Trump Jr. over the Harvey Weinstein allegations

There is a certain cynical point of view implicit in some critiques of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults. Some internet personalities and political commentators on the right are using it to score obvious political points, without much concern for the issue of sexual assault. It fits into everything else in our highly-partisan morality: when my side does it, it's fine or a false allegation. When your side does it, it indicts your entire political project.

When Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump were outed as sexual harassers, the right denied, denied, denied. Now that Harvey Weinstein, and even Bill Clinton, are in the headlights, it's full-stop against Democrats and their heinous actions. We have to be non-partisan about sexual assault. That's obvious. If Weinstein has a dozen allegations against him and a tape of him coercing a woman into his room, and Trump has a dozen allegations against him and a tape of him saying that he grabs women by the p***y, we have to take both seriously. Similar evidence merits a similar conclusion. Just a thought.

Seth Rogen had similar thoughts, after seeing Donald Trump Jr call out Hollywood constantly for their culture of sexual abuse. Trump Jr has made hay of these allegations, turning them into political points for his side against liberal Hollywood. He's right, of course, that Hollywood is coming apart at the seams right now. But is he so blind that he doesn't recall: his father schmoozed with Hollywood for decades, and acts and thinks just like a Hollywood star with the most corrupt morals?

"Hey dude! See you're going pretty hard at us 'Hollywood' types. I agree Harvey is a piece of shit and people should speak against him. But... Are you aware your father has been accused of sexual harassment by several women and even admitted to sexual assault on tape? Maybe you should denounce that? Just a thought man! Have a good one!"

"Have fun shooting innocent animals!" he later added as a passing blow.

Trump Jr also used it to attack Hillary Clinton:

Of course, even Anthony Bourdain has criticized Clinton for her weak response. Harvey Weinstein was a massive fundraiser for the Democratic Party, and a longtime friend of the Clintons. He was a movie mogul with political aspirations, and he owns Hillary's political career as much as the next slimy rich guy that gave her millions of dollars.

Seth Rogen said what needed to be said, and we can't politicize morality like this. If a conservative talk host or politician is revealed to be a harasser, will the left then jump down their throats as an indictment of all conservatism? Proof that patriarchy is everywhere? Perhaps it is. But we can't choose sides, otherwise we're blind to our own crimes.

Also, Seth, do you know anyone else in Hollywood with an "open secret" like Weinstein's? Or are you protecting your friends as well? It's impossible to tell these days. For more on the grotesque Harvey Weinstein sex assault revelations, you can read about 10 allegations that came out of Hollywood.