Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife reveals the brutal revenge she got on him for cheating

Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife reveals the brutal revenge she got on him for cheating

It's fair to say that Shaquille O'Neal is fairly open when it comes to talking about the collapse of his former-marriage with Shaunie O'Neal. The couple broke up after several years of marriage after allegations regarding infidelity on his part were revealed to be true.

The couple married in 2002 and the relationship lasted until 2009 after Shaunie had filed for divorce back in 2007. Speaking about his actions and the impact that they had on his relationship with Shaunie, the former basketball player, who is widely considered as one of the best NBA players of all time as well as one of the most commercially successful athletes on Earth, said:

"I was a guy with too many options. Choosing to be with some of those women, well, that's on me.

"In my mind, I never did it disrespectfully, but obviously I shouldn't have done it all."

O'Neal admitted being culpable for the collapse of the romance:

"You know as well as I do relationships are about maintaining... It wasn't the big stuff, it was the small stuff, and that's my fault.

"I had things to do. I was trying to win, trying to make some money. I admit I wasn't the best partner. I just didn't know how. I'm learning now."

While Shaq's account of the events that led to the downfall of his marriage are well known, Shaunie has never fully opened up about the cheating and the impact that it had on her. However, she has now opened up about the experience and has revealed what her reaction to the cheating was - and it is completely priceless. Shaunie now appears on the reality programme Basketball Wives, where she spoke to her co-star Evelyn Lozada about how she reacted to the scandal and how she went on to publicly humiliate the disgraced athlete.

“Our blackberries got switched. I went to my baby’s play at school and I was like 'damn, my phone is going off a lot.'

"Just girl, after girl, after girl like ‘baby last night what you did.’ And I went in the arena and I went in that garage, not only did I flatten tires, bust a few windows, I wrote on the hood of his car, ‘I cheat on my wife. I ain’t sh*t’ with a knife. I wrote it on the hood and down the side of the car.

"He had to drive that sh*t on four flats, with the messages all around it. I drove right on the side of his ass blowing the horn, cause I wanted to people to like see. Beep! Beep! The Whole ride, the whole ride."

My guess would be that after such a horrifying experience, Shaq has probably learnt his lesson when it comes to cheating. Fair play to Shaunie for going to such extreme lengths to shame him, I mean it's a pretty extra way of getting revenge, but it's hilarious.