Shocking backstage footage shows Victoria's Secret models singing the N-word

Shocking backstage footage shows Victoria's Secret models singing the N-word

It's a debate that has raged on for a long time now, and frankly, it's a subject that should not even be up for discussion. Should white people use the N-word at any time; whether it's in a song, in conversation, or as a joke? The short and simple answer is no. White people should not use the N-word. There's a multitude of reasons why we shouldn't use the N-word, but it all boils down to one simple reason: it was a word that was used by white people to oppress black people for a very long time and is therefore a word that should no longer be used by white people.

However, the subject of the N-word has been the cause for debate in recent times. Plenty of white people don't understand why they can't use the N-word when singing along to hip-hop tracks or telling jokes to their friends. The usual line of argument goes along the lines of: "If they can say it, why can't we?" While I can't be bothered to sit here and explain precisely WHY it is okay for black people to use the term as a term of liberation, there are plenty of sources online that will be able to do so.

Sadly, given that it is currently 2017 and we should all be racially aware by now, the subject of white people using the N-word has reared it's ugly head again this week. Fresh off of the back of their highly criticised fashion show, footage has emerged online of Victoria's Secret models singing the N-word when rapping along to Cardi-B's hit single, "Bodak Yellow".

Pop crave, an entertainment news Twitter account, posted a video showing the models and members of the crew getting ready for the internationally broadcast fashion show. As the crew and models dance around the room to the music, the models, who a predominately white, can be seen singing along to the popular summer hit. Their use of the N-word can be right before the lyrics "Don't get comfortable."

Unsurprisingly, users of the social media platform quickly called the models out, with some people imploring the underwear company to fire the models in question.

It's been a rough year for the company and their annual fashion event, which was held in Shanghai. Four of the models were denied work visas by Chinese officials, meaning that they were not allowed to walk the catwalk and neither Gigi Hadid or Taylor Swift turned up to the event, as was expected.

It's not the first time that Victoria's secret has faced accusations regarding their attitude towards race and cultural appropriation. The company is frequently criticised for their lack of diversity across their models, who are often white and extremely skinny. While I'm sure that they're aware of the backlash to the footage in question, their continued silence will do them no favours among their millennial audience.