Someone noticed that Margot Robbie has a celebrity lookalike and it's so perfect

Someone noticed that Margot Robbie has a celebrity lookalike and it's so perfect

There are plenty of lookalikes out there. Some say that everyone has their exact double out in the world somewhere, which isn't something I believe, but I have definitely had far too many occasions where I've confused a complete stranger for a friend with awkward results.

Celebrities too, have this now and again, getting enough attention that their doppelganger's can get swarmed by misguided fans. There was the store worker who looked just like Ed Sheeran and the production planner who ended up doubling for Beyoncé Knowles. In fact, there are so many out there that you can make a whole list of them:

There was the woman who looked just like Selena Gomez (with maybe a little Jenna Coleman thrown in there):

We had this spot-on Lady Gaga lookalike who took the internet by storm:

And even a Taylor Swift clone:

Rest assured, with the eyes of the world on these celebs, there are bound to be one or two people who pop up looking just like them. But in this case, it's the real deal - and they are both celebrities in their own right. People have come across the startling revelation that actresses Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly look incredibly similar.

Their eyes, brows, lips and cheek bones are so similar that it's easy to get them mixed up in a lot of cases. And that's exactly what many fans did, with some people only just realising that they weren't in fact the same person.

Pressly previously brought this up in 2016, joking about how much Robbie looked like her. When photographers asked her, she said "Right, right, well that would be she looks like me!" and added that "I think she's great yeah, I've loved everything she's done".

Robbie was revealed to be one of the recipients of the Academy Award for Best Actress recently, for her role as Tonya Harding in I, Tonya. Speaking to Australian radio hosts Jonesy and Amanda, the 27-year-old joked about not really wanting to win the Oscar:

"The ideal situation is to be nominated and not actually win cause then it's lovely to be nominated and then you don't have to make the speech"

The former Neighbours actress explained that she had been extremely anxious at the recent Screen Actors Guild, Critics Choice and Golden Globes award shows this year, worrying about maybe having to make a speech to the crowd. "If I have to get on stage right now I'll just, I'll die, I don't know what to say," she said. "And oddly enough I find public speaking really terrifying."

You would think that once you got to the stage of being a world-famous Hollywood actor, you would feel comfortable being the centre of attention, but it turns out this isn't always the case. It's often hard to relate to celebrities, but being scared of public speaking is something many of us understand.

Although, if Robbie gets too anxious, she can always send Pressly to make the speech in her name and not many would notice.