Sophie Turner has picked a 'Game of Thrones' star to be her real-life bridesmaid

Sophie Turner has picked a 'Game of Thrones' star to be her real-life bridesmaid

In her on-screen life as Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner has not had the best luck with weddings.

During the infamous Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, pretty much half her family were wiped out by the Frays, and then - later on at the Purple Wedding - Turner's character ended up becoming a wanted fugitive after her not-so-beloved ex, Joffrey, wound up dead before anyone even got drunk enough to crack out some classic dad dance moves.

So, when the 21-year-old announced that she would be getting wed to former Disney heartthrob, Joe Jonas, everyone was making the same joke: "I hope it's not a red wedding, hahahaha!!"

Well, while no major plans for the wedding have yet to be revealed (so there is still a chance that a rival family from the north could mess the whole thing up), Turner has revealed who one of her bridesmaids will be.

Speaking to the Radio Times about Turner's engagement, the star's on-screen sister, Maisie Williams, revealed that she had been chosen to be a bridesmaid in the upcoming nuptials.

When asked if she'd been offered the position, Williams - who plays Arya Stark in the HBO hit series - nonchalantly said, "Oh, already got it," before adding: "Yeah, it's very, very exciting. It’s kind of bizarre though."

For a while, some people thought that Williams and Turner might end up getting married to one another, especially as the bride-to-be once revealed that the pair still spend all their time together, even though they barely saw one another on set anymore.

"Well I haven't worked with [Maisie] since season one, but we all shoot in Belfast," Turner said last summer. "So we have sleepovers whenever we're in Belfast at the same time. She's my best friend, she's my soul mate. I love that girl to pieces."

Turner and Jonas seem completely smitten with one another and he apparently popped the question after just a year of them being together.

The wedding won't be happening anytime soon, though, as Williams also let on that Turner was waiting until she had finished with Game of Thrones before doing any serious planning for the big day.

"We're waiting until the season is done until we get into any of that [wedding planning]," Williams said, "but I think she's already letting her little heart wander and imagine."

Joe Jonas, meanwhile, has not given much away about his plans for the ceremony, leaving his brother Nick to discuss what he thinks might happen.

When asked whether or not he thought he would be the best man, Nick - who is the youngest of the three Jonas brothers - said, "I think my brother Kevin, when he got married, he had all of us be the best men. That's kind of the diplomatic approach, but I don't know. It's up to him."

Regardless of who ends up playing what role in the nuptials, one thing's for sure: it definitely won't be a red wedding (hahahaha!!).