Terry Crews reveals that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive

Terry Crews reveals that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive

Actor Terry Crews came forward in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein rape revelations to admit that he too has seen the dark underbelly of Hollywood. It seems obvious at this point that sexual assault is a systemic issue among politicians, entertainers, and the rich and powerful. Crews, in a string of tweets, described his experiences.

Here is the full text of his tweets, transcribed into paragraphs:

"This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to ME. My wife n I were at a Hollywood function last year n a high level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates. 

"Jumping back I said What are you doing?! My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk. I was going to kick his ass right then— but I thought twice about how the whole thing would appear.

"240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho” would be the headline the next day. Only I probably wouldn’t have been able to read it because I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN JAIL. So we left. That night and the next day I talked to everyone I knew that worked with him about what happened."

"He called me the next day with an apology but never really explained why he did what he did. I decided not 2 take it further becuz I didn’t want 2b ostracized— par 4 the course when the predator has power n influence. I let it go. And I understand why many women who this happens to let it go.

"Who’s going 2 believe you? ( few) What r the repercussions?(many) Do u want 2 work again? (Yes) R you prepared 2b ostracized?(No) I love what I do. But it’s a shame and the height of disappointment when someone tries to takes advantage of that. 

"He knows who he is. But sumtimes Uhav2 wait & compare notes w/ others who’ve been victimized in order 2gain a position of strength. I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent. But Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator. 

"Hollywood is not the only business we’re this happens, and to the casualties of this behavior— you are not alone. Hopefully, me coming forward with my story will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless."

It's a powerful recounting of a broken culture of abuse, and proof of the fact that nobody feels comfortable coming forward about a sexual assault that took place with someone in their industry, especially someone with real power.

The costs of revealing that you were sexually assaulted include career suicide and worse - your entire life takes a new turn, and you could be shamed into silence or blacklisted. Powerful men find it too easy to get away with crimes of all natures, and sexual abuse especially is a tool of the weak of soul to create humiliation and harassment and benefit themselves from spreading those terrible feelings.

If Terry Crews was a casual victim, we can all be victims. What do you think? Is it shocking that a man was a victim of this assault, or is that another place where our culture is unfair and doesn't see the full picture? Is there a stigma against being assaulted for both men and women?