The internet can't stop laughing at Duchess Camilla's 'disgusting' 71st birthday cake

The internet can't stop laughing at Duchess Camilla's 'disgusting' 71st birthday cake

Over the past few years, there's been a couple of common things I've noticed about every event that goes down within the Royal Family. One of those things is - of course - Royals. You can expect quite a few questionable outfits (chiefly hats) present at any of these get-togethers, but thing you can be sure of at a royal event of any note is cake.

A bit of an obvious statement: cake is great. Over the past few months, we've had Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry, the Queen's birthday, Prince Louis' christening, and in all of these events, we've had some awesome cake to enjoy. Even if it was seven-year-old cake, in the case of that christening.

But for those of you who have high expectations of the royals and their celebratory desserts, look away now: Duchess Camilla's 71st birthday cake is here, but her pastry is being dragged on Twitter for... let's say, not quite being up to scratch for the occasion.

Say it ain't so, Camilla! But first, let's get a bit of background info on this rather unusual cake, and delve a little bit further into Camilla's 71st birthday and see what she's been getting up to.

Now, I can't even begin to imagine how the world will look by the time I turn 71, but I'd like to do something similar to Camilla's big day, and celebrate by going around the country on a massive birthday tour. One part of the tour involved Camilla and Prince Charles heading down to the southwestern tip of Cornwall.

There, the couple discussed environmental issues, sustainability and the like, but they also got to cut the cake you see below. Complete with confused tweet about nature of said cake. It's a bit of a weird one, I think you'll agree.

This carrot cake (I don't know if you noticed it was carrot cake) is what we could refer to as a... creative effort of birthday pastry making. You've got the interestingly-placed candle arrangement, the fluffy floral icing, the assortment of carrots around the side to indicate that yes, this is indeed a carrot cake.

My favourite part is the heartfelt message inscribed atop the cake: "Happy birthday, Ma'am". It's pretty far from an emotional, heartfelt message to Camilla on her 71st birthday. Although I should point out that "Ma'am" is in fact the correct term with which to address Duchess Camilla, this did not stop Twitter from having a field day.

Given what we all know about the Royal Family's eating habits, maybe this is just another example of the... alternative foods enjoyed by Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. Just a few weeks ago, we heard about Prince Charles refusing to eat anything on MasterChef Australia, but if wallaby tartare wasn't exactly to the Prince's tastes, maybe this cake will be more suited to the Duke of Cornwall.

Somehow though, I doubt it.