This heartbreaking chapter on Chris Pratt was deleted from Anna Faris' memoir

This heartbreaking chapter on Chris Pratt was deleted from Anna Faris' memoir

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were one of Hollywood's favourite couples, with the two actors frequently seen at events together as the perfect image of a successful and (most enviable of all) fun marriage. The two were always seen laughing together and thanking each other in speeches, so it came as a shock to everyone when they announced on August 6 they would be splitting after eight years of marriage.

Even more distressing was Faris' new memoir Unqualified, which was just been released. It's emotionally confusing because most of the book's content is about relationships and advice, and Faris dedicated the thing to Pratt. She wrote a long thank-you note in the acknowledgements, and he even wrote a heartfelt foreword. No-one really knows what to think about it all.

The timing of the book's release was awkward because of how recently the couple announced their shock split. And although Pratt's foreword made it in, there are apparently a lot of bits that have been deleted from the final book. Celebrity news outlet Page Six said they obtained an unedited advance proof of Faris' memoir, and wrote that there were obvious changes from the final version that hit shelves this week.

Most noticeable of all, Page Six wrote that it was a "devastatingly hopeful" chapter the future of the pair. The chapter appeared in an uncorrected advance proof of the book, sent to press two months before the pair announced their breakup. This early proof contained an entire chapter about how the couple handles their often long-distance relationship while they're away filming.

Faris wrote the memoir while Pratt was away on the press tour for the film Passengers, in which he co-starred with Jennifer Lawrence. Rumours sprung up that it was Pratt and Lawrence's tight relationship during their time working on the film together that put a strain on the marriage.

The now-deleted chapter on making things work when they're apart reportedly “details how they make sure to talk on the phone and take advantage of the times they do have together," writes Page Six. "Looking to the future, she also opens up about their plans to one day move back to Washington and live a low-key lifestyle.”

The final draft also cut a lot of passages that were devoted to Pratt throughout the rest of the book. Additionally, it was said that a lot of the present-tense mentions of him were later changed to past-tense.

There was also meant to be a sizeable section about the couple's plans to have a second child before it was cut from the book. It would've come as a revelation to people, but it was quickly edited out after the couple's shock split. Faris and Pratt have a five-year-old son together, named Jack.

Pratt's foreword was edited slightly before the book was published, but it still contained a heartfelt message.

"We’re both well-known actors, and it’s worth mentioning — fame can be a pain in the butt," he wrote.

"But we’re thick-skinned. And despite what it may seem, we’ll be just fine regardless of what you think of us. She’s been in the spotlight longer than me yet continues to be the voice of reason in uncomfortable situations regarding our lack of anonymity"

Welp. What do I do with my emotions now?