Tom Hardy finally gets a Leonardo DiCaprio tattoo after losing a bet and it's designed by Leo himself

Tom Hardy finally gets a Leonardo DiCaprio tattoo after losing a bet and it's designed by Leo himself

We've all made stupid bets with friends. If you lose, you have to buy the winner a six-pack of beer, or run around the block in your underwear, or shave your eyebrows. You might lose a small amount of money, or be totally humiliated, but at least it's nothing permanent. (Well, according to the Internet, eyebrows take 56 days to grow back, which is a pretty long time, so don't do that one.)

However, Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio made a bet that's truly high stakes. On the set of The Revenant, aka That Movie Where Leo Fought A Bear, the two actors spent long hours shooting together in the winter wilderness and a bromance developed. Leo grew increasingly convinced that Tom would earn an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of the greedy, traitorous trapper John Fitzgerald. Hardy disagreed, so they made a bet: The loser has to get a tattoo of whatever the winner designs.

As you know, both of them were recognized at the 2016 Academy Awards. Leo won his first Oscar for Best Actor (and all he had to do was eat raw bison liver and sleep in a horse carcass!). And just like Leo predicted, Tom Hardy did score an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He didn't win the award, and in even more heartbreaking news, he didn't win the bet.

Now, getting a tattoo is pretty extreme. A lot of people would just laugh it off, and say the wager was a joke. But these guys take their bets seriously. In an interview with Esquire magazine, the reporter asked Tom about the tattoo. What would Leo design? Tom replied, "He wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: 'Leo knows everything.' Ha! I was like, 'OK, I'll get it done, but you have to write it properly.' [But] I haven't got it yet. Because it sucks.

Now, two laters later, Tom Hardy has finally gotten that badge-of-shame tattoo. The actor shared a photo on Facebook with the caption "Leo knows all!" And indeed, you can see the words "Leo knows all" inked in black on his right bicep. Hilarious. I guess Leo let him shorten it from "Leo knows everything." Nice guy.

Tom probably doesn't mind too much, because he already has a million tattoos. But still, that's permanent! I guess it's a testament to their friendship. In an interview, Tom Hardy said that originally, Sean Penn was going to play the role of John Fitzgerald in The Revenant. However, Sean couldn't do it due to scheduling conflicts, so Leo gave Tom a call and offered the role, saying, "You need to do this before you go off and do this other film."

It has to be embarrassing to look at your bicep every day and read "Leo knows all." But the good news is, that tattoo could always be changed into "Leo knows ballocks." Maybe next time the actors work together, they'll make another bet.

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