Training video surfaces of Conor McGregor calling another fighter a homophobic slur

Training video surfaces of Conor McGregor calling another fighter a homophobic slur

The Notorious Conor McGregor, fresh off his fight with Floyd Mayweather, is probably the biggest name in all of MMA history, at least in the United States. In fighting period, he's more well-known than any boxer or martial artist. With such a big profile, people tend to start looking to you for cultural guidance. Perhaps it is misplaced. But now, McGregor is in hot water for defying that trust of cultural guidance, and instead rattling off homophobic slurs like an Irish sailor.

Multiple sports publications have reported that Conor McGregor consoled a fellow fighter by condemning his opponent as, well, the f-word.

According to Yahoo! Sports, McGregor had said:

"Do you know what I'm saying? He was a f****t, and everyone knew he was a f****t..."

It's reminiscent of famous YouTuber PewDiePie, with more viewers than most major cable networks, who said the n-word during what has been called a "heated gaming moment". Using the most offensive words possible is something people do when they are angry, whether it's right or wrong. Probably wrong. But McGregor's opponent, Floyd Mayweather, made similar gaffes recently.

Maybe it's endemic to the fighting world? Mayweather had called McGregor a "f****t" once in the lead-up to their major fight, at a July press conference in England. Mayweather has also since defended Donald Trump's "grab them by the p***y" comments, making himself quite the anti-PC figure.

But are we really surprised? I mean, come on, these guys beat the living sh*t out of each other for their job. They are not going to be polished speakers, or gentlemen. They are our modern-day gladiatorial, if we're okay with all the concussions and blood, why is the rough language associated with violence considered worse than the gladiatorial itself?

I would never justify McGregor's comments, as they are of course absurd and out of line. But I don't think it's out-of-character for him to do this. Over the summer, he also caught heat for racially-motivated statements directed at Mayweather, such as saying "Dance for me boy", evoking stereotypes of black performance for the white gaze.

Will these statements really make you lose interest in McGregor? Well, judging by his career, seemingly not. I also imagine that Mayweather's legacy and public image is pristine, despite literally being a domestic abuser. If beating your girlfriend means you can still be the champ, why should we dump McGregor over a slur that Mayweather has also said far more publicly in the past?

Again, it seems pretty endemic to the spirit of fighting.

So many fighters are all in a glass house on this one. But what do you think? Should McGregor be banned from the Octagon (very unlikely) for this slur? Or should the fans hold him responsible, and let him know that we don't find it okay? I prefer the latter.

In other McGregor news, he's slated to fight soon in the upcoming future. If more comes of these slurs and his future career, we'll be sure to cover it.