Twitter is roasting Ivanka Trump for this terrible Thanksgiving centerpiece

Twitter is roasting Ivanka Trump for this terrible Thanksgiving centerpiece

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and all the organised folks have undoubtedly finalised their guest lists, picked up their turkeys and put the finishing touches on their decor. But don't fear if you just don't have your life together like that, because Ivanka Tump is here to help.

The president's daughter is getting in on the festive spirit, and has some suggestions about how you can tackle your Thanksgiving table decor. On the weekend, the Twitter account of Ivanka's official brand, Ivanka Trump HQ, posted an innocuously festive photo, asking: “Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table?”

Now, the tweet – which closes with an optimistic “Problem solved” and an image of a table centrepiece – was made in the hopes of inspiring people to craft one of a similar nature. But people please, Ivanka has not solved your problem and you must remember that you still have no idea how to decorate your table after seeing this image.

Ready? OK, let's take a look:

Err... What exactly is going on here?

Let's take a closer look...

It looks like the nest of some manic bird that ransacked the local farmer's harvest and threw everything willy-nilly into a giant clamshell it found nearby.

It's a total mess, and it has me asking some very serious questions.

How did the pinecones get there? Why are there so many gourds and pumpkins? What are those green lantern things? Why are the sticks so unruly? Why is the big stick so pointy? Where did the giant clamshell even COME from?

It’s... a lot to take in.

Eloquently put, fine sir. And it looks like the rest of Twitter isn't dealing with it so well either.

This woman tried to recreate her own version:

And the rest refused to even try, on account of how repulsive looking it is.

Personally, this one is my favorite reaction:

Can't get a more succinct review than that, can you?