UFC star Henry Cejudo leaps from hotel window in dramatic escape from California wildfires

UFC star Henry Cejudo leaps from hotel window in dramatic escape from California wildfires

I imagine a good scene in an action movie might involve an MMA fighter leaping out of a hotel window to escape a crackling wildfire. California has been burning for days, with at least 17 people dead and another 150 in unknown conditions, missing or lost. But MMA star and Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo leapt from his hotel window as the flames approached, and posted about it later on Instagram, showing off his injured foot:

Cejudo wrote:

"Hey everybody just want to say thank you for the love and support. Prayers to all the families that lost somebody in the fire. I’m doing fine and my foot isn’t broken but I did burn my foot on the way down after jumping out the window. It’s just a long story but I’ll keep you guys posted when I do a interview. As of now I’m on my way to Natal, Brazil to take care of business at #ufc218"

He jumped from the second-story of the Fountaingrove Inn after an alarm went off Monday morning, burning his foot and losing his Olympic medal in the blaze. Damn. What a thing to lose, right?

Cejudo seems to have recovered well, and will be taking on the penultimate fight to the final bout against the flyweight champion at UFC 218. The current flyweight champion, Demetrius Johnson, just won UFC 218, and has established himself as one of the greatest in all of UFC history.

Johnson is considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, above Conor McGregor and controversial UFC star Jon Jones, who has failed numerous drug tests. Let's hope that Cejudo's foot heals up quick, because UFC 218 will take place December 2nd, and after that, he'll have to take on Demetrius Johnson.

The flyweight division is the lightest in UFC. Conor McGregor may own the featherweight division, but Demetrius Johnson has a longer and more impressive win-streak. The problem is that the flyweight division is not as marketable or respected. Johnson has seen no major rivals in the division, instating stomping his way to victory. Adversity is needed for marketability.

The flyweight fighters are small, with Demetrius Johnson weighing in at a slight 126 pounds. Still, he's got crazy muscles and could beat up virtually anyone. He's 5'3", which explains how his body weight is able to function in the ring. With low height comes lower weight. Pound-for-pound, he's a wrecking ball.

Henry Cejudo also weighs 126 pounds, and if he wins in December, well...he can end Demetrius and make himself a champion, or just end up another in a long line of Demetrius Johnson's conquests.

Still, it sucks that Cejudo lost his gold medal in the fire, and also that he had to leap out of a hotel window to survive a wildfire. These fires are no joke, and they turn the sky a sickly orange, a strange atmosphere hovering above Los Angeles and its peaceful Disneyland.

Let's hope that no one has to escape wildfires at the last second in the near future. And for Cejudo, especially, lets hope he doesn't have to burn his foot again right before his next major match-up.

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