Will Poulter dressed up as Sid from 'Toy Story' for Halloween for a brilliant reason

Will Poulter dressed up as Sid from 'Toy Story' for Halloween for a brilliant reason

Remember Sid from Toy Story? If you don't know him by name, you will likely know him when you see him. He terrified Buzz and Woody, as well as children in audiences all around the world in 1995, and continues to do so to the day. As the complete opposite to affectionate toy owner Andy, Sid ruthlessly destroyed his toys, and sometimes even crafted horrific hybrids out of them too, such as the nightmare-inducing doll's head with spider legs.

The actor Will Poulter, who you may know from the likes of We're The Millers, The Maze Runner, The Revenant, and Detroit earlier this year, has a certain likeness with Sid. While he was only born two years before Toy Story was released, as he has risen up the ranks into a prominent actor he has often been compared to the bullying character - although not for any personality reasons, thankfully.

Poulter's first role was at the age of 14 when he starred in the British coming-of-age comedy Son of Rambow, and since then he has developed quite the fanbase. The 24-year-old's internet fans have jokingly pointed out how he looks like Sid before, but now he has owned up to it in the most delightful way. He posted a photo of his chosen Halloween costume this year on his Twitter page, but his reason for doing so is deeper than what you may expect.

"This Halloween I thought I should respond to the comparison with Disney Pixars biggest bully next door and go as Sid from Toy Story!" he wrote on Twitter. Aside from putting the great costume together, he thought he would use the opportunity to promote the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme, just in time for Anti-bullying week in the UK.

The full post reads:

"In addition to having a laugh at my expense I wanted to try and raise some attention for a cause I am an ambassador for! @antibullyingpro

"As this month is Bullying Prevention Month in the USA and Antibullying Week in the U.K. is just around the corner, I would really appreciate it if you could please give them a follow before you like or share and help support the cause to make school a safer and happier place for young people."

The tweet received 36,000 retweets and over 100,000 likes already, with many praising how he managed to both please his fans and do something good at once.

He even got a reply from one of his co-stars from Detroit:

Set up in 2011, the Anti-Bullying Campaign is part of the charity the Diana Award. Trying to reduce bullying in schools, one of their key projects is the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme, of which Poulter is a huge supporter. The programme has trained over 24,000 young people across the UK to lead these campaigns in their schools, educating their peers and promoting a culture where children act don't act this way.

With support from people like Will Poulter, this campaign can achieve greater awareness and hopefully stop children from becoming too much like Sid.