A woman tagged Shaquille O'Neal in her Instagram story and his response was perfection

A woman tagged Shaquille O'Neal in her Instagram story and his response was perfection

One thing we have all learned other the years is that, where Shaquille O'Neal is involved, hilarity typically ensues.

The former NBA all star, widely regarded as the most dominant force the NBA has ever seen in terms of his astonishing physicality and surprisingly deft scoring touch also displayed an impressive proclivity for self promotion over the course of his long and storied career.

The big man with an even bigger personality to match, Shaq won the hearts of NBA fans league wide with his entertaining press conferences and self adopted nicknames, such as Shaqtus and The Big Aristotle.

His progression to the much loved television programming for the NBA on TNT was, as a result of his larger than life personality, seamless. Shaq struck up a rapport with fellow presenters Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson immediately, and, along with providing expert analysis on the game, also brings laughs to the set, often at the expense of his co-stars.

Shaq has not been without controversies throughout his career, though, and recently it appears the former Lakers big man found himself in something of a sticky situation when he issued a hilarious reply to a fan's Instagram story.

It all started when Roxanne Watlington, a 20-year-old student from Tempe, Arizona, tagged Shaq in a photograph on her Instagram story, in which she expressed her surprise that the former centre was now, apparently, a DJ.

The next day, she says, she woke up to a hilarious response from O'Neal, "I was so shocked to see it was actually him and his reply was hilarious. I was glad he noticed my picture."

Stunned, but quickly composing herself, Roxanne continued the unlikely conversation.

However, the pair's burgeoning friendship seemed to take a turn for the worse after Roxanne posted screenshots of their conversation to Twitter, a move which Shaq apparently didn't think much of.

Shaq sent a message that read "Nope not tryna be on twitter for talkin to a fan".

Roxanne, it would seem, didn't intend for the tweet to garner as much attention as it did.

As she explains, "I didn't want him to be mad at me because I was expecting to get maybe one favorite, but then it blew up way too fast. I'm still upset about it because I didn't mean for it to get like that at all."

She tweeted to say that she was "devastated" as she was "so excited" about the prospect of becoming friends with the NBA legend.

In the end, Roxanne says that she had to mute her twitter due to the sheer volume of notifications she was receiving, but thankfully most seemed to be making light of the situation;

"I had to mute the tweet because people kept tweeting at me and it got insane, but overall everyone was making a joke out of it so it made me laugh."

I suppose if you manage to strike up an unlikely friendship with an NBA legend online, all bets are off as to what will happen next.