Channing Tatum played the Halloween candy prank on his daughter

Channing Tatum played the Halloween candy prank on his daughter

Everybody loves Channing Tatum. In 21 Jump Street, he was hilarious, playing Jonah Hill's slow-witted partner and keeping up with all the comedians. In Magic Mike, he drove the ladies crazy, showing off his sick dance moves and chiseled physique. From Tarantino movies, to Cohen Bros movies, to the upcoming X-Men spinoff Gambit, it seems Channing Tatum can do wrong. Everything's better with a little Tatum, including this article, when I add a picture of him shirtless.

Now, the stripper turned movie star added a new job to his resume: talk show host. This week, he stepped in on Jimmy Kimmel Live when Jimmy called in sick. Well, technically Jimmy called in sick. Actually, he's taking emergency leave to care for his infant son Billy who's undergoing open heart surgery. Billy was born with a serious birth defect, and the experience inspired Jimmy to talk about health care on the air. Over the past few months, he made headlines when he delivered passionate monologues defending Obamacare, and blistering "drop the mic" critiques of Republicans trying to repeal it. Who would have thought the host of "The Man Show" would be the voice of reason in these times?

But before he was known for his health care advocacy, Jimmy was knowing for crushing the dreams of little children. Every year, he asks his viewers to pull his famous Halloween candy prank: After a night of trick or treating, the parents tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. The kids freak out and cry. The parents laugh, then say they were just joking. It reminds me of this prank my parents pulled on me when I was little. They sat me down and said, "Hey, we're going to stay married. Psych! You just got pranked! We're getting divorced." It was hilarious.

Here's Jimmy pulling the prank on his own 3-year-old daughter Jane, who's totally unphased,

Who can resist messing with their kids? That's the point of having them, right? Channing Tatum joined the masses of schaudenfraude-loving parents by pulling the prank on his four-year-old daughter, Everly. "I'm sorry," he says. "I got hungry." Everly immediately turns away, crawls to Mom, hugs her legs and cries. The G.I. Joe star laughs, but can't endure the tears for long. He eventually admits he was joking. "That's not funny!" wails Everly. When they cut back to the studio, Channing agrees and apologizes to Everly. Damnit, Channing! Be less likable!

It's pretty clear that Channing Tatum can do anything. He can be a stripper, comedian, action star, talk show host. Some people think that in the future, our jobs will be taken by robots. I think in the future, all our jobs will be taken by Channing Tatum. He might even take your job. He can do everything you can do, while looking more handsome. For information on how to avoid this grim dystopian future, please join The Stop Channing Tatum From Stealing Your Job Foundation. We need all the recruits we can get - this guy will outperform us all.