Creepy images show inside a Chinese sex doll factory

Creepy images show inside a Chinese sex doll factory

There are times when it seems as if technology has gone too far. From adorable robotic dogs that help keep our homes tidy to the all-knowing, all-seeing Siri, sometimes it really does feel like we're living in a Black Mirror episode. One sector, however, that has always been excited by the prospect of technological advancement is the sex industry. Thanks to the internet we're able to consume porn pretty much whenever we want, and given that Pornhub reportedly averaged 81 million visitors a day throughout 2017, it certainly seems as if we're getting our fill.

But the industry is always looking for ways to make getting off more accessible. In fact, it appears they want to make it so accessible that you don't even need another human being, period. A sex doll maker from China is hoping to create the first ever "smart doll", which can talk, play music and do the washing up, all alongside tending to your "needs".

Exdoll in Dalian China makes around 400 custom-built sex robots each month. And as you could expect, the most popular doll is the basic model, which sets you back around  $400 (£280). However, if you've got some spare cash lying around, you may want to upgrade to its newest "smart" model, Xiaodie, which is on sale for an eye-watering $4,000 (£2,800). The sex doll is fitted with technology similar to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, which means it can speak, use the internet and help you out around the house. You can even hook it up to smart-appliances, such as your dishwasher and television.

Exdoll have got the standard smart-doll designed, and they are apparently set to hit the market next year. Within the year, however, the dolls will be able to mimic facial expressions, recognise their owner's voice and rather creepily, be able to follow people around the room with their eyes. Remind you any horror films?

However, Exdoll was quick to stress that their "smart" sex-bots could also be repurposed for something decidedly less risqué: "medical assistants" and "receptionists". Wu Xingliant, the company's marketing director spoke to AFP, saying "China has a shortage of women, and this is a factor in why there's this demand, but they're not just for sex."

"We're designing them so they can have meaningful conversations with you and help with chores around the house," he continued.

The doll can be synced to an app on your smartphone, or you can give it verbal commands. And in regards to how Exdoll sees the dolls developing, the chief development officer has said that he hopes to imbue the bots with Artificial Intelligence, to create the "most beautiful and most human-like robot possible".

But for those who are more concerned with the er, sexier aspects of their "smart" doll, don't fret, Exdoll is spending plenty of energy ensuring that the bots look the absolute best they can. As they're wholly customisable, everything from the height, bra size, eye colour and even the amount of pubic hair is down to the customer.

Need I remind you that it's Valentine's day in two weeks?