Donnie Wahlberg fears he'll be 'canceled' for controversial gift he bought wife Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg fears he'll be 'canceled' for controversial gift he bought wife Jenny McCarthy

American singer and actor Donnie Whalberg fears that he will be canceled for the controversial gift he bought wife Jenny McCarthy.

So, what did he get her? A bike. Sounds innocuous enough, right? Well, it wasn't just any bike, it was an exercise bike, and unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be more than aware of the controversy caused by a certain Peloton bike commercial.

To see the controversial Peloton bike commercial, check out the video below: 

In it, a husband gifts his already slim and slender wife an exercise bike, and she excitedly (in a panicky and terrified way) documents her progress before sitting down the next Christmas to thank him for a gift that has apparently changed her life for the better.

It sparked outrage on social media, with Peloton being slammed for sexism and ableism, and unintentionally thrust the star of the ad, Monica Ruiz, into the limelight - to the point where she even landed a cameo on The Bold and the Beautiful.

In the video below, Ruiz reacts to her viral infamy: 

So, needless to say, Whalberg was reluctant to share with the world that he bought McCarthy an exercise bike for Christmas (and it wasn't even a Peloton). Taking to Instagram, he wrote:

"So, if a guys wife really wants him to get her an exercise bike for Christmas, even if she doesn’t appear to need one, and her husband thinks she is perfect in every way, but the wife thinks the bike will give her tremendous joy and she has told her husband on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS that she really wants one - all facts -is he a good hubby if he surprises her with the bike or does he get canceled? Asking for a friend."

Clearly joking, a few of Wahlberg's followers actually said that he should probably get his McCarthy something else like jewelry, but then the lady herself, Jenny, got in on the action, exclaiming that she was delighted with her present.

Credit: Instagram

"OMG!!!!!! Donnie!! You got it for me?!?!!!!!! Thank you mister!!!!" she wrote. "And you're hilarious!!! I love you!!!"

So, husbands of the world, it's totally fine to get your wife an exercise bike - it doesn't even have to be a Peloton - just make sure that she actually wants one.