10 dirty 'Friends' jokes that we never got the first time around

10 dirty 'Friends' jokes that we never got the first time around

"We were on a break!" The 90's sitcom Friends defined a generation, as we all rushed out to get the "Rachel" haircut and called our local radio station to request "Smelly Cat."

Now all ten seasons of the iconic TV show are on Netflix, for a whole new generation to discover. And as an older generation rewatches it, they're discovering a few things too: There are some huge plotholes, some aspects that aren't very PC, and some jokes are raunchier than we realized. In fact, as 90's kids, we probably didn't even understand them.

Here are ten dirty Friends jokes that we never got the first time around.

1. The one where Rachel disses Ross

As she storms out of the apartment, Rachel delivers an epic putdown: "It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and it IS A BIG DEAL." Chandler replies, "I knew it!" (The first time around, we just pretended like we knew what this meant.)

2. The one where Rachel tries self-help

After reading a self-help book, Rachel asks Ross, "How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?" After a beat, Ross replies, "You know I don't have a problem with that." (The audience definitely got this one.)

3. The one with the juice box

Rachel and Ross lie down together in the Planetarium, and start making out. Suddenly, Rachel stops, surprised and consoles Ross, cooing, "It's okay!" Ross replies, "What? Oh, no, you just rolled over the juice box." (Admit it, the first time around, you thought Ross had trouble controlling his bladder.)

4. The one with Chandler's stash

When Phoebe and Rachel search the apartment for Christmas presents, Chandler freaks out: "You don't, like, go into the back of my closet, and look under my gym bag or anything? Because that's where Joey gave me some stuff to store that I've never seen before in my life!" (The first time around, you probably thought it was porno mags. But now I'm sure you can imagine a number of fun toys.)


5. The one with the headbanging

After Monica accidentally bangs Ben's head, child services takes him away from her forever. Just kidding. She and Rachel bang their heads against the wall to convince the baby that this is normal behavior. But after few slams, Rachel gives up, saying, "Y'know, if it's not a headboard, it's just not worth it." (Wow, Rachel likes it rough.)

6. The one with the sailboat

Joey wants to learn how to sail, for...reasons? So Rachel is helping him out. When she asks him how to get the sail up, he says "Uh, rub it?" (The first time around, you just thought he was dumb. Now you know he's a perv. Maybe in 2018, Joey Tribbiani is one of those actors facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment.)

7. The one with the shower

After Phoebe's dollhouse catches fire, Ross grabs it and carries into the shower - only to discovers Monica! Afterward, she tells him, "By the way, I was just checking the shower massager." (The first time around, you didn't know what she was doing with that massager. Now you know, and can be properly grossed out, since they're brother and sister.)

8. The one with the financial markets

Monica plots to make money off the stock market, and announces her strategy: "My motto is get out before they go down." Joey's response: "That is so not my motto." (Like I said, in 2018, Joey Tribbiani is definitely one of those actors who faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment.)

9. The one with the New Year's Resolution

For his New Year's Resolution, Ross pledges to "make himself happy." Chandler quips, "Do you want us to leave the room?" (Wow, Chandler, could you be anymore dirty? Actually, you probably could. But hey, they could only say much on network TV in the 90's.)

10. The one with the minute long kiss

In a bid to get their apartment back, Monica and Rachel make Joey and Chandler an offer they can't refuse: to "kiss each other for one minute." Obviously, the guys accept this offer. Of course they don't show the kiss, this being an NBC sitcom in the 90's. Instead, they jump cut to Chandler and Joey saying good night and walking quickly into their separate bedrooms. (Today, you know exactly what they were doing in there.)

All right, so Friends has some plotholes, and it's not as PC as you'd like it to be. But at the very least, you have to give it props for sneaking in some dirty jokes.