10 Of the most frustrating moments to ever happen in 'Game of Thrones'

10 Of the most frustrating moments to ever happen in 'Game of Thrones'

Based on my own personal viewing history, there are very few shows that have got me frustrated enough to start yelling at the screen. Buffy the Vampire Slayer got me riled up a few times, and I'm sure I've hurled a multitude of insults at Ross from Friends on several occasions - but neither of those compare to the tirades I've let loose at Game of Thrones.

And I'm not talking about the justified deaths of characters I liked. No, I can accept those. What I'm referring to is the moments where characters just made bad choices or stupid mistakes. Moments like these:

1. Sansa defending Joffrey

On more than one occasion, Sansa Stark turned her back on her family in order to please her beloved Joffrey - but her first betrayal was perhaps the one that stung most. In the second episode, Sansa lied about the altercation he had with Arya, ultimately leading to Cersei killing Lady. Cue endless screaming at the TV.

2. Ned being unnecessarily sneaky

It seems so long ago now, but remember what started this whole feud for the throne? Robert Baratheon died. Do you know what might have made it easier to find the rightful successor? IF NED HAD JUST TOLD HIM ABOUT JAIME AND CERSEI. But no, he had to keep it a secret until it was too late. And, whaddya know, basically everyone died because of it.

3. Theon being ungrateful

The Starks raised Theon Greyjoy like he was one of their own. They gave him a nice home, some fluffy robes, and a loving family. And how did he thank them? By choosing to side with his father over Robb. I mean, I know they never got him a puppy like they did with the other Stark kids, but come on.

4. Theon being ungrateful... again

So Theon didn't exactly have an easy time of it after betraying the Starks. After becoming the plaything of Ramsay Snow, he was pretty much reduced to a shell of his former self. Even so, you'd think he'd jump at the opportunity of being rescued. When his sister Yara turned up, however, he elected to stay with his torturer. *Shakes fist at sky*.

5. Oberyn showboating in the ring

The Mountain and the Viper was probably the episode that provoked the most shouty outbursts from me. Oberyn Martell was so close to killing off the Lannisters' main henchman, but he just had to go off on a monologue. Why couldn't you have just ended it when you had the chance, Oberyn? Why?

6. Sansa choosing Littlefinger

One would hope that, after seeing what a piece of work Joffrey turned out to be, Sansa would think more carefully about the men she kept as company. And yet, time and time again, she chose to stick with Littlefinger. When Brienne tried to rescue her, Sansa elected to stay with the man who had creepily obsessed over her and her mother. And we all know how that turned out.

7. Olly

Most characters in Game of Thrones are fairly multi-faceted, but Olly's only purpose in the show seemed to be to RUIN EVERYTHING. First he killed Ygritte, and then - even after he was shown mercy - he lured Jon to his death. Ok, we get you were butthurt over your parents, Olly, but did you really have to do those things?

8. The High Sparrow 

Aside from somehow being the scruffiest man in Westeros, the High Sparrow was also one of the most heartless, and literally everything he did was infuriating. His actions led to the deaths of Loras and Margaery Tyrell and, while it was pretty neat to see someone put Cersei in her place, his death was well-deserved.

9. Rickon being a sitting duck

Or a running duck, depending on how you want to phrase it. The only thing he had to do to avoid being killed was NOT run in a straight line, but what did he do? He. Ran. In. A. Straight. Line.

10. Sansa being petty

Ok so Jon was a bit cold towards Sansa after their reunion, but that's no excuse for her doing what she did. At the end of season six, she shows up to save her brother with the Knights of the Vale - which was great - but why didn't she just TELL HIM?

Even after all this, however, I will still tune in religiously. Sansa can annoy me as much as she wants - I still need to see who takes the Iron Throne in the end.