10 trailers that were way better than the actual movie

10 trailers that were way better than the actual movie

The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has left movie fans baffled - it seems to be full of spoilers. But did it really give the plot away or are directors already playing with your mind? Either way, it looks epic, so with a bit of luck the actual thing will be twice as good as the trailer. However, should it promise all in the trailer only to deliver disappointment in the cinema, it wouldn't be the first time. Here are just a few films that deserve to be consigned to the Hollywood hall of shame.

And here’s a spoiler for you: It’s probably for the best if you’ve never seen of some of these.

  1. Signs 

Ahhh, the trailer for Signs was so full of promise. Finally, a sci-fi movie set on earth that looked ready to keep you on the edge of your seat. As it turns out though, the film was just one gigantic plot hole after another. Firstly, the there's idea that aliens that can travel from millions of miles away and create gigantic crop circles, but cannot get past the defences of a wooden house or out of a barricaded kitchen?  Then there's the fact that these aliens, with the intelligence to build a spaceship that can travel for millions of lightyears, decide to use that technology to head straight for the wettest place in the solar system, when the only thing that can kill them is water. It just makes no sense.

  2. Bad Teacher

You think Star Wars gave the game away? Then never watch the trailer for Bad Teacher; it’s less tempting you to watch the film, more compressing the entire thing into a couple of minutes. The story itself is a depressingly overused trope - take a foul-mouthed, slightly brazen, definitely brash woman and lead her on a journey of redemption.  Cue: a selection of different iterations of the same unsubtle jokes for the next hour and a half and it’s all just a bit… meh.

3. The Great Gatsby

When it was announced that Baz Luhrmann was to direct Fitzgerald’s most loved novel, film fans and literary buffs were chuffed. After all, if you can’t trust the man who did justice to Romeo and Juliet to get it right, who can you trust? The trailer itself had everything - a banging soundtrack, cracking outfits, famous quotes, drag races, fireworks and fights. The one thing it didn’t show? Those bloody annoying lines of text that appear across the screen during the film, the cinematic equivalent of nails on a blackboard. It was so so close to not making the list, and yet, so far.

 4. Promethus

Prometheus was one of those ones where just about everything that the film had to offer was shown in the trailer - and by that I mean awesome visual effects and the talents of Michael Fassbender. That's where it stops though. Unfortunately, the plot remained an awkward mix of painfully unbelievable and completely predictable, with storylines as unresolved as in the preview. From the man who brought us such classics as Gladiator, we expected better!

  5. Superman Returns

Handsome, honest and ready to save the world, he’s one of America’s most timeless heroes. So when the trailer for Superman Returns landed there was no reason to question how epic it was going to be.  Yet again though, it seems to be a Warner Bros film with more style than substance, although the catchy piano scores definitely deserve a shoutout. It wouldn’t have hurt to see a few more action sequences in there; yes Superman’s relationship with Lois Lane is important, but it’s a superhero film, after all (no one’s here for the emotional gravitas). It seems that IMDB armchair critics weren’t loving it too much either - among the most scathing reviews: “It's been 5 days since I saw the movie and I still want to vomit.” Brutal.

6. Suicide Squad 

Suicide Squad's trailer was ace - it had the music of Queen, monsters, baddies, and Margot Robbie delivering witty one liners. But when it came to watching the film, there was the disappointing realisation that you'd already seen all of the best bits because they're all in the trailer. Lacking a coherent plot, the film that sparked a million and one Harley Quinn's at Halloween and was one of the highest grossing films of 2016 was actually something of a let down.

7. The Number 23

Even if you don't believe in conspiracy stories and aren't into horror films, the trailer to The Number 23 is so unsettling it's enough to make you question yourself. However, the film itself spends 90 minutes telling a story that could be told in 30, while the plot trundles downhill the further into it you get. You can't help but get the impression that it's trying very, very hard to be deep and not quite pulling it off. Perhaps the scariest thing about it all though? Seeing Jim Carrey in a serious role - it just feels a little bit wrong.

8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This film is one that proves Ben Stiller's directorial skills need a bit of brushing up on. The trailer sets the film up to be deep, relatable and with an understandable but not entirely predictable storyline. What transpired was a slightly limp film that never really gets going, and is indeed, suitably predictable. The annoyingly obvious product placement throughout the film doesn't help either (looking at you, Papa Johns).

  9. Where The Wild Things Are

With its upbeat music and friendly giants, the trailer set Where the Wild Things Are up to be a beautiful coming of age story complete with a life lesson or two, perfect for a Sunday afternoon family trip to the cinema. But if you're liable to crying, freaking out or have an emotionally vulnerable eight-year-old in tow, this probably isn't the film for you. Flipping between depressingly dark and naively innocent, this one just ends up a little bit weird.

 10. The Dark Knight Rises

OK so this one was still fine, good even, if you're in the right mood. But the trailer offered so much and the movie, by comparison, never quite reached its level. Much like Superman Returns, you only actually see Batman in costume for a small portion of this ridiculously long film and the baddie, Bane, was distractingly hard to understand. Still, maybe it was never going to be quite the same without Heath Ledger's Joker.

No doubt there are many more films we could add to this list and, depressingly, there will be many more in the future. What would your suggestions be? In the meantime, check out these 10 movies that history got embarrassingly wrong.