20 'Game of Thrones' tattoos that every ultimate fan needs to have

20 'Game of Thrones' tattoos that every ultimate fan needs to have

Ah, Game of Thrones. What more can be said about this ground-breaking, trend-breaking and heart-breaking television show that hasn't been said already? I can't believe it's been six years since the show's first season back in 2011, and come the end of 2019, we're not going to have any more episodes to enjoy.

Of course, that's devastating. How will we ever be able to stop the likes of Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister or Hodor (God rest his beautiful soul) from fading into little but a distant memory? Well, we could buy a box set of Game of Thrones and watch it excessively until our weeping families admit us into a mental asylum.

Or, we could do the right thing, and get one of these Game of Thrones-themed tattoos on our bodies. Sounds like fun, right?

1. All the pain would be worth it for this House Stark tattoo

2. Mother of dragons, breaker of skin for some pretty awesome body art

3. That's a pretty fantastic sleeve tattoo

4. Run, everyone! The Night King is here!

5. Daenerys gets a cute interpretation

6. One of Game of Thrones' best quotes, immortalised

7. Whenever this word is uttered, you know something's about to go down

8. All men must die

9. Brilliant, gory detail

10. I guess even Littlefinger has his fans...

11. Celebrating one of the show's best characters

12. I have to say, the House Stark sigil would make for an amazing tattoo

13. The Army of the Dead are never far away...

14. Whisper it quietly, but Tyrion Lannister is low-key the hero of Game of Thrones

15. Best. Tattoo. Ever

16. Jon Snow may know nothing, but you know this would be some sweet body art

17. This map of Westeros must have taken positively ages

18. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, together forever... on this person's legs

19. A Brienne of Tarth tattoo would almost be as badass as the character herself

20. Now this would be a plot twist

I don't have any tattoos on me. In this case, that's definitely a good thing, because now I can get every last one of these tattooed on my body! Goodbye, paycheck. Who needs to pay rent, anyway?