2005 Family Guy episode appears to predict Kevin Spacey sex scandal

2005 Family Guy episode appears to predict Kevin Spacey sex scandal

A month ago, Harvey Weinstein was most famous for being a producer of popular films like Pulp Fiction. Now, he's most famous for the slew of accusations that have followed. More than 70 women have accused him of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. It seems like every day we near a new, disturbing story.

A lot of brave women have come forward to share their stories, including famous actresses like Rose McGowan and Gwyneth Paltrow. Hopefully they'll encourage women everywhere to speak out about sexual assault, and not be intimidated if their abuser is in a position of power. But while Harvey's sex scandal has rocked Hollywood, nobody's surprised. A lot of people in the entertainment industry knew about his behavior, but looked the other way. I can understand looking the other way if Harvey's doing something gross to a sous chef's pot, but tolerating harassment is not right.

As we look at Hollywood in a new light, an old Seth MacFarlane joke has gone viral. In 2013, The Family Guy star hosted the Academy Awards, and made a crack about Harvey Weinstein. After introducing the nominees for Best Supporting Actress, he said, "Congratulations. You five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein." The joke gets a decent laugh, with a priceless expression from Emma Stone. But with today's allegations in mind, it feels pretty disturbing.

In a Tweet, Seth confirmed the joke was not a coincidence. While filming the movie Ted, actress Jessica Barth confided to him about Harvey's unwanted advances. Seth says spoke out of "loathing and anger" to slam the creepy producer, who seems more and more like a real life Quagmire.

Now another old Seth MacFarlane joke is going viral because it appears to hint at the Kevin Spacey sex scandal. That's right, "Kevin Spacey sex scandal." Sorry, House of Cards fans.

Actor Anthony Rapp says Kevin tried to seduce him at a party when he was only 14-years-old. On Twitter, Kevin said he was "horrified" and apologized for his "drunken behavior," which he doesn't remember, because the incident took place in 1986. Kevin then officially came out of the closet, drawing criticism from some in the LGBTQ community, who think he only declared his sexuality to distract from his scandal. After all, it's a pivot straight out of President Frank Underwood's playbook.

Could a Family Guy joke from 2005 be a reference to the Kevin Spacey scandal? In a episode from Season 4, Stewie runs across a shopping mall yelling "Help! I've escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement!

It could just be a coincidence. Family Guy's known for its random gags and non-sequiturs - an episode of South Park famously portrayed the writers as manatees picking idea balls. However, Seth's Harvey Weinstein joke hinted at the truth. Maybe this one does too.

How does the voice of Peter Griffin know everyone's secrets? Do other jokes on Family Guy have a hint of truth? Will we find out there's a real-life Greased Up Deaf Guy, Evil Monkey and Giant Chicken? Probably not, which is too bad. I'd trade either one of them for Harvey Weinstein.