25 Things for anyone who can't wait for season two of 'Stranger Things'

25 Things for anyone who can't wait for season two of 'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things is **almost** back, people! That's right, our favourite sci-fi show is set to finally return to our screens on October 27, and it's safe to say that everyone in the entire world is absolutely buzzing. The show took over the world over a year ago, when its cast of kids, throwback nature, and gripping (if not slightly confusing) storylines stole the hearts of millions.

Since it finished, the hype around the second series had been steadily building to the point where it is now at fever pitch. The kids who featured in the shower are now superstars, and no doubt they will go on to have fantastic careers in the future. So, in light of the brilliance of the Netflix show, here are 25 things that all Stranger Things fans will appreciate.

1. With great fame comes great sass

2. The mash-up that literally everyone wants to see

3. Punny and sweet, is there anything better?

4. I'm still trying to figure out how this works

5. He's got a point, to be fair

6. Where is this place and how do I get there?

7. Hmmm, why do I recognise that mannequin?

8. I'm okay with my retina display, thanks

10. The only pun-based t-shirt that is acceptable to wear

11. A role model we can all relate to

12. The perfect way to start the day

13. An accurate reflection of my time at university

14. Nothing is original anymore

16. Dr Strange(r things)

17. It makes everything look exciting

18. Couple goals

19. Most underrated character to have ever existed?

20. No one will be fooled by that old trick anymore

21. You will never un-see this

22. Well, it has actually been 15 months...

23. This joke that we all have time for

24. This game needs to happen

25. Yep.

I'm sure that has whet your appetite for the new series of Stranger Things, which if you're anything like me, you have cancelled all of your weekend plans for. However, if you're hungry for more eggos Stranger Things content, why not check out the real life conspiracies that inspired the series.