Over 300 women have accused James Toback of sexual harassment

Over 300 women have accused James Toback of sexual harassment

And you thought Harvey Weinstein was bad! He is, but my God, 300 women? Literally an entire town's worth of people say you assaulted them? Wow. An entire high school's population of people say you assaulted them. A whole Spartan battalion, an entire whaling vessel's crew, we are talking HUGE numbers of women. 300. How can this man live with himself?

His name is James Toback. He's a film director and a fat white guy with a fedora. Yeah. I have to say, I've never heard of him. His films are not that big. So I checked them out, to see what he's made. So, he's directed a film called Tyson, a documentary, and he's written the movie Bugsy, as well as 2014's The Gambler, starring Mark Wahlberg. He's mostly a behind-the-scenes guy. (Btw, Mark Wahlberg once beat and blinded a Vietnamese man, Johnny Trinh, while calling him a "gook". Not kidding. Google this)

So, what's going on with Toback?

L.A. Times writer Glenn Whipp reported that 200 women contacted his newspaper after they ran a story announcing that 38 women had accused James Toback of sexual harassment. Since then, it rose further, putting the current total at a staggering 310 women. Honestly, it's not even possible to imagine. I don't even know 310 people. How can anyone harass 310 people? Like, my God. That's not even possible. Unless, I suppose, you're a writer/director who's always schmoozing and meeting new people who have to put up with your sh*t.

Whipp said that the majority of the accounts featured Toback approaching women on the street, or otherwise meeting them, and promising them career advancement and Hollywood roles in exchange for sex.

“He told me he’d love nothing more than to masturbate while looking into my eyes,” said the guitarist of band Veruca Salt, triggering quite a few dozen NOPES from the souls of any who dare enter these dark domains of repulsion.

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy even stepped in to pretty much say that Toback has always sucked as a human:

Toback denies these accounts and none of them have been verified, but I find it statistically impossible for 310 women to all be lying about you. Maybe some are, but the bulk of these must have some validity. It'd be an enormous coincidence, an absurdity, for 310 women to all hallucinate a crime. The crime was almost certainly real.

Toback's "casting couch" usually involved him dry-humping or masturbating on women. What an absolute creep. Among his peers, Selma Hayek, Rachel McAdams and Julianne Moore have all said that Toback asked them to have sex with him or begin touching himself in front of them. [dry heaves]

So, what do you think of this? It's kind of insane to imagine someone like this man even exists. What an utter mistake of evolution. Give a man a little bit of power and this is what he becomes? Writing movies makes you think you're an invisible sexual harasser? Nutcase.

The LAPD is investigating the claims, and hopefully someone will testify to put this guy away.