8 worst Netflix original shows

8 worst Netflix original shows

We all know Netflix has produced some great shows, like the constantly talked-about Stranger Things, and cult classics like Aziz Ansari's Master of None. And yet, what about the shows that didn't quite rise to the standards of Netflix's best hits? What of those forgotten series, the ones that just weren't well-received, or had more backlash than fan support?

Well, ready your schadenfreude, because we're about to go over eight of Netflix's worst original series.

1. Neo Yokio

An original Netflix anime about a demon hunter sounded so promising, didn't it? Except the main character rarely hunts demons, and he's played by Jaden Smith, who gives a distant and simplistic performance for a show with virtually no tonal identity. It's like a satire that doesn't actually satirize. It's about bourgeoisie self-important pricks, but it's trying to embrace that high-flying materialistic fashion lifestyle, with a plotless story that creates no major character development and no consistent comedy or compelling character drama. It spawned a meme about Big Toblerones, but that's about it. Also, it was written by Ezra Koenig, from Vampire Weekend. A lesson for future American anime shows: hire a screenwriter to write the script, not a singer. As it stands, the show has no identity or focus. It's just a series of self-important conversations between unlikeable and shallow characters.

Still, in the right hands, this show could have been good. Jaden Smith is perhaps more suited for a different role than the main hero?

2. Fuller House

From the moment I saw a teaser trailer for this series featuring the main cast doing the Whip and Nae Nae (explosive vomit) I wanted to hate this show. Thankfully, it was bad. Full House was a saccharine artifact of the 90s, and our childhoods. Why bring it back? It got bad reviews and overall was just unnecessary. Why have Danny Tanner's daughter be widowed? Why set up two generations of the same family for the same stupid fate in this giant house? Oh, and prepare to cringe:

3. Richie Rich

That's right, they actually made a TV show about Richie Rich. You probably didn't know, because it wasn't good and it didn't catch on. Basically, he's a trillionaire kid with too much at his disposal, like a crappy Jake Paul Disney channel show, except without the Disney channel. It got cancelled after two seasons.

4. Hemlock Grove

With the success of all the shows about beautiful young people and murder mysteries, Netflix gave the genre a shot with Hemlock Grove. However, TIME Magazine ended up listing it as one of the ten worst shows of 2013, and the horrifically dragging pace and the wooden acting were all cited as serious detractors from taking the show seriously. I mean, just look at the photo below. It's like it wants to be Twilight very, very badly.

5. Marseille

Imagine a French drama with English subtitles, but with all the poor writing and cliches of your average American TV show. Marseille, starring legendary French actor Gerard Depardieu, had a unique premise about the political intrigue of France, but spoiled it by making the show as reflective of mediocre American crime dramas as possible. It all just felt too familiar to really be France, and after a poor critical reception in both France and the US, it was finished.

6. Girlboss

Girlboss got cancelled after one season. Based on the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, who founded Nasty Gal, a fashion line, the show was divisive for portraying ruthless, selfish capitalism as feminist empowerment. The show struck 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was cancelled before long.

7. Iron Fist

Iron Fist has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating of any Netflix original series. Sitting at 17%, it has been panned for being unoriginal and uninspired, not a unique thing for Marvel TV shows. The movies are much better. Yet, the series has been renewed, and it has a huge viewer base. Is this the people vs. the reviewers?

8. Chelsea 

Chelsea Handler tried a new talk show on Netflix, but it's really not that different from her old talk show, or any other talk show. Is the era of the talk show simply over? It's a very rigid format, and it didn't do much to stop Trump, despite all the late night hosts' efforts, so...

What do you think? Are these shows trash, or were they just not given a chance?