The actor who played Bruce Bogtrotter in 'Matilda' looks like a totally different person now

The actor who played Bruce Bogtrotter in 'Matilda' looks like a totally different person now

Given the fact that I am in my early-mid twenties, the film Matilda is a bit of a cult classic to me. Alongside the like of Toy Story, the 1996 adaption of the classic Rohl Dahl novel formed the basis of my childhood and every time I hear "Send Me on My Way" by Rusted Root, I am instantly transported back to happier, carefree times.

However, while my feelings towards the movie will always remain wholly positive, there is a certain scene in Matilda that has been engraved into my mind for many years, and not because it was enjoyable. I don't know what it is about the scene when Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat a giant chocolate cake in front of school assembly, but the entire thing makes me feel uneasy. Take a look at the now-infamous scene below. Be warned, however, it may make your stomach churn.

Whether it's the gross mush that the cake becomes, nausea-inducing camera play or the fact that Ms Trunchbull is snarling in the face of the boy throughout the scene, the whole ordeal makes me feel queasy, sticky and gross. However, while Bogtrotter was a chubby, chocolatey mess in the film, he looks completely different now.

Jimmy Karz was just 12-years-old when he played the part of Bruce in the movie, but since his acting debut, he has shed the pounds and left the world of Hollywood behind him. His last credited role was as an actor in an episode of ER way back in 1998.

Obviously inspired by this role in the medical drama, Jimmy is now training to become a doctor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. It's some turn around for the actor, who starred in one of the iconic movies of all time and brought in over $62 million at the box office.

Speaking about the auditioning process for the movie, Karz said:

"The first couple auditions were pretty standard. You read your lines with a casting director. And then the third audition, I read my lines with Danny DeVito at Sony Studios. That was an extraordinary experience because I had never interacted with a celebrity like that before. It was a really dimly lit room, and Danny was very passionate and really getting into his role. He was playing the Trunchbull."

Once he landed the movie, Karz had to shoot the scene, something which he said involved eating 'a lot' of cake.

"There were a ton of cakes. They had a factory, like, pumping out the cakes. Seemed like every day there was a new cake on set. They had three or four ready to go if they needed. It seemed like there was a lot of cake always at the ready. I don't know how much I ate. It was definitely a lot.

"The hardest thing was coming to set every day and getting the chocolate painted onto my face the way it was painted the day before. And wearing that crusty shirt every day. That was probably the worst, as far as I can remember."

However, despite the turmoils of shooting the distressing scene, it went on to become one of the most memorable from the movie. It seems like the cast has remained friends, with them having a reunion at Danny DeVito's house a couple of years ago. Speaking about Jimmy's new look, DeVito said:

"Jimmy's looking amazing. He's grown into a fine young man. He was a little chub-chub when I knew him. Now he's a strapping young gentleman! And a doc-tah! Oh, I need bone doctors, man. I'm the original guy in need of bone doctors."

Fair play to Jimmy, I don't think many people would've thought that's how Bruce would've turned out after eating that much cake. It probably took him 20 years to shed the weight in all honesty.