Alex Trebek mocks Jeopardy! contestants who can't answer football questions

Alex Trebek mocks Jeopardy! contestants who can't answer football questions

This weekend is the Super Bowl, one of the most watched broadcasts on American television. But you know who doesn't watch it? Nerds! All right, it's a stereotype to say that nerds don't know anything about sports. Some nerds watch sports. And some sports fans are pretty nerdy, with their fantasy football leagues and obsession over statistics. However, a recent episode of Jeopardy! showed there's some truth to the stereotype.

On a special "Super Bowl Edition" of Jeopardy!, they included the category "Talkin' Football." This category was left totally untouched until the end of the first round, which is a sign that none of the three contestants were into it. But with nothing left remaining on the board, they had no choice. Alex Trebek read the $200 clue, "Your choice. Do or don't name this play in which the QB runs the ball & can choose to pitch it to another back." None of the contestants knew the answer ("Option play"). "I can tell you guys are big football fans," quipped Trebek.

The game continued, with the $400 clue: "Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation with this team." Once again, the contestants had no idea ("Dallas Cowboys"). Trebek continued to hilariously mock them, asking "Do you think we should go to commercial?"

They moved on to the $600 clue: "By signaling for one of these, a returner can reel in a kick, without fear of getting attacked." The answer was "fair catch," but the players didn't even venture a guess, and the studio audience can be heard laughing. (Are you starting to notice a pattern here?)

At this point, it became painfully obvious that nobody was going to score any points in this category, but there were still two questions left. Trebek read the $800 clue: "These 'penalties' are simultaneous violations by the offense and defense that cancel each other out." A now-familiar stony silence followed. "They are called off-setting penalty," answered Trebek. "Let's look at the $1,000 clue, just for the fun of it." Damn! If the Jeopardy! clue is ever "This game show host is savage," the answer is "Who is Alex Trebek?"

For the final, $1,000 clue, they cut to a video recording of the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is hosting this year's Super Bowl. "I'm looking at the Ring of Honor," says the man in the clip. "With names from this defensive line that took the Vikings to four Super Bowls." This time the three contestants crack up laughing. "If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die," jokes Trebek. "Who are the Purple People Eaters?"

On Twitter, football fans reveled in mocking the nerds for not knowing trivia about a sport they don't watch. (Also, everybody loved Trebek's sassy responses.)

Well, you football fans would probably be stumped if the category was Literature, Science or World of Warcraft, so there.

(For the record, I didn't know any of these answers either, and haven't watched The Super Bowl in years. Why would I want to watch a bunch of guys throw balls across a field, when I could re-watch Game of Thrones? Nerds represent!)