Arrogant law student slammed and humiliated by sassy judge during episode of 'The People's Court'

Arrogant law student slammed and humiliated by sassy judge during episode of 'The People's Court'

Ah the university days, filled with late nights cramming revision notes, awkward campus parties and the start of a crippling addiction to coffee. A whole new world of strange people – some who will become good friends and others that you try to avoid entirely, like those "Student Party" campaigners overly invested in campus politics. Also in the latter group – the string of know-it-alls in your course.

Possibly the worst of this kind are know-it-alls studying law. They're inherently argumentative, and learning about how to become a lawyer just nurtures their deepest desire to always prove that they are always right. Just take a look at Exhibit A, a second-year grad student from Miami University.

He appeared in an episode of The People's Court, a show similar to the ever-entertaining Judge Rinder and OG Judge Judy. In this particular case, the know-it-all law student finds himself in Judge Milian's courtroom as the defendant. It's an old episode, but it's resurfaced again after someone kindly uploaded it to YouTube recently.

The guy and Milian are arguing about what kind of applications and procedures are considered "standard practice" in trying to solve this particular case. He gets all whiny and defensive and smugly opposes what the judge is telling him. Suddenly, the mood changes, when Milian whips off her glasses, shoots a flash of warning from her eyes while looking him straight in the face and tells him he is "DEAD. WRONG."

"That's your opinion," the man replies.

Pause for effect, and then the wrath truly begins.

"No, that's my ruling, pal," she starts, while dramatically throwing her glasses on her paper documents and raising a strained finger to feistily deliver her comeback. "And let me tell you something, 'Mr University of Miami Law School', I taught at UM for many, many years, and you right now are embarrassing us".

"You do not show that sort of disrespect, okay? If you don't like what the judge is doing then you take it to the next forum, but you do not stand here and say 'that's your opinion' like a baby, when a judge rules against you. Don't even utter another word."

Milian is scathing, delivering the ultimate burn of calling someone a baby with a tactful head wobble and that condescending high-pitched voice that you use to imitate people. She told the second-year law student that he's "got a lot to learn about what it means to be a litigator and a lawyer," to which he interjects again (will this imbecile never learn?) saying he doesn't want to be either. Milian sharply returns the serve saying that's good because he "hasn't got what it takes".

He continues to cop the judge's fiery rant by – to put it politely – having his backside handed back to him

"If there's nothing you have learned in the last two years as a law student, then there's something you should have learned as a human growing up - that you do not show that kind of disrespect.

"I don't care what you think about me, you've got to respect this process. And if there's anybody who I expect to respect this process it's a second-year law student at the University of Miami."

She then whacks her gavel down in mic-drop fashion and spits out her official verdict for the case while storming out of the courtroom: "Verdict for the plaintiff, $450 dollars and court costs."

Best of all? You can clearly hear an "oooh" in the background after there's nothing left to say and the whole thing is finished. The guy? He's clearly left feeling embarrassed and can be seen blinking stupidly at the wall after what just transpired. Tough.