Bruce Willis will star in a new Die Hard film

Bruce Willis will star in a new Die Hard film

Movie over Vin Diesel, the Die Hard franchise and Die Hardest: Equilibrium or whatever this film will be called are about to come for the Fast & Furious series' throne on the action movie world. Or, perhaps only for a few months - John McClane is returning for one last film, so Bruce Willis isn't looking to run this one into the ground. He's looking to get in and get out, just like the criminal empire in Blow.

In the original film, a Christmas classic, John McClane crawled through air ducts and ran around with a machine gun, navigating a sprawling tower as he hunted German terrorists and slowly went sublime-mad, the kind of madness that makes a hero compelling to follow while still being a hero. The subsequent films, well, they kind of portrayed McClane as a grimmer and less fun figure.

Bruce Willis can be very statue-ish at times, so for this new film, it's a good sign that we're going back to McClane's emotional roots. That's right - this is a prequel. At least, partially.

The film will take place between the present and 1970s New York, showcasing McClane in his years as a beat cop, before the incident at Nakatomi tower changes everything. We'll see old McClane in his last outing, and his origins as a much younger figure. Who will play his younger self? Well, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a pretty funny choice, we're really not sure.

“The right casting for this role is crucial,” said director Len Wiseman. “Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill.”

The film will take place using a series of flashbacks, in two time periods, split between prequel and last sequel.

Hopefully the series can redeem itself here. The films went off-track a while ago, featuring Justin Long as a hacker kid, and one in Russia where he tracks down his long-lost son, and destroys major chunks of Moscow with little repercussions. He goes from being a madcap hero to just a bit of an asshole. Or, rather, a complete asshole. Also, he drives a car into a helicopter. It ends up jumping the shark a lot.

Let's hope McClane goes back to his delirious, vulnerable, but badass roots and stays away from the tough-guy-with-no-emotions lane of acting.

What do you think? How excited are you to see Willis play McClane again in a film determined to bring the series back to its beginning? It's being directed by the same director of Live Free or Die Hard, which wasn't quite as bad as A Good Day to Die Hard, but was still a far cry from the original. I'm sure you can catch it on FX sometime. They show it like every other day some days. Depends on the day.

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