You can now buy Doc Brown's classic orange Nike kicks from 'Back to the Future'

You can now buy Doc Brown's classic orange Nike kicks from 'Back to the Future'

The Back To The Future trilogy is awesome, and if you don't agree, I hope you get buried in manure - and you hate manure! I

t's a great science fiction story, perfectly told. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd play their most iconic characters, who became the basis for today's hit animated comedy Rick and Morty. Also, the series was strangely prophetic, predicting video phones, hands-free gaming consoles, our obsession with 3D movies, the Chicago Cubs winning the world series, and Donald Trump influencing politics. (According to screenwriter Bob Gale, Donald Trump was the inspiration for Biff Tannen. So if you don't like that Trump's President, blame him!)

Who wouldn't want to live in the world of Back To The Future? Blasting through time in the DeLorean, rocking the stage with a killer performance of Johnny B. Goode, almost hooking up with your mom - okay, not that part. But everything else is cool. And we've gotten a lot closer to making that fantasy a reality. Nike released a limited version of Marty McFly's auto-lacing sneakers, which you can buy for the low low price of $10,000. Lexus created a real-life prototype of Marty's hoverboard, which, unfortunately, is not available to the public. As for the flying cars, we're still waiting on those. Come on, Elon Musk! What's the hold-up? Stop being lazy!

Luckily, we just got one more item from the Back To The Future world to hold us over. Great Scott! It's Doc Brown's bright orange Nike Vandal Highs!

Emmett "Doc Brown" was rocking these kicks in 1985, and who wouldn't want to look like him? Doc's a fashion icon - from the crazy white hair to the lab coat to those steampunk goggles. Once you add these sneakers to your ensemble, you'll be all set to track down some plutonium, build a flux capacitor and recklessly endanger a teenager.

Roads? Where we're going, we won't need roads. But you'll still need shoes. The Vandal features alternating canvas and leather, with a white adjustable ankle strap. It's currently available at select Nike stores, with a pricetag of $90. Not a bad price for some sweet 80's nostalgia. Unfortunately, they don't auto-lace, but hey, you can't have it all.

It seems like with each passing year, we become more desperate to live inside our entertainment. We cosplay as our favorite characters at comic book conventions. We play virtual reality games that promise total immersion. We go to theme parks  that lavishly recreate fictional worlds. Simpsons fans can visit Springfield, go to Moe's and order a Duff. Harry Potter fans can go to Hogwarts, get a wand at Ollivanders and drink Butterbeer. Where does it end? What new extremes will we chase? Are we diving so much into our fantasies that we're losing touch with reality? If fantasies become real, will our reality become a fantasy?

That's heavy, Doc.