Emma Stone has dyed her hair platinum blonde and everyone is making the same comparison

Emma Stone has dyed her hair platinum blonde and everyone is making the same comparison

When actors change their look for a role, the results can be shocking. Jared Leto gained sixty-seven pounds to play John Lennon's assassin in Chapter 27. Robert Downey played a white actor in blackface for the satirical comedy Tropic Thunder. In promotional photos for Backseat, Christian Bale looks totally unrecognizable as Dick Cheney. And now, a new actor's gotten a dramatic makeover: Emma Stone.

We all know Emma for her signature ginger locks, but she's actually not a natural redhead. Her natural hair color is blond. Pretty surprising, right? Actors are full of secrets. Did you know Sofia Vergara from "Modern Family" is also a natural blonde? And did you know that Rick from The Walking Dead is British? And Stringer Bell from The Wire is British? And House from House is British? Basically, everyone's British. We have to stop these British actors. They're taking all our jobs.

Anyway, Netflix cast Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in Maniac, reuniting the actors a decade after Superbad. Based on the 2014 Norwegian series, Maniac is a dark comedy about the fantasy worlds of two patients in a mental institution. It wouldn't make sense for Emma to keep her fiery hair for the role. Like everyone says, blondes are crazy! For the show, the Oscar-winning actress dyed her hair platinum blonde, and everyone is comparing her to a character another TV show. See if you can guess which one.

It's the Mother of Dragons! You have to admit, Emma bares a striking resemblance to Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke's character in Game of Thrones. It looks like at any moment she's going to say "Dracaris," spoon Jon Snow and put Jonah Mormont in the Friend Zone. When fans of the La La Land actress noticed her new golden-haired look, they couldn't help comparing her to other characters from other TV shows and movies.

But you know who else she looks like? Legolas from Lord of the Rings. And that comparison came from actor Orlando Bloom himself! He posted pictures of her and Legolas on Instagram with the hilarious caption: "elf stole my look!! ? when your blonde locks get a revamp... and improved upon ???#emmastone, a true elven sista #lordoftherings"

Well, Amazon is creating a new television series based on Lord of the Rings. Maybe Emma Stone can play Legolas! And Jonah Hill can play Gimli. And James Franco can play Gollum. And Seth Rogen can play Gandalf. They both love to smoke weed. They have so much in common. Congratulations, Amazon. I just cast your show.

Okay, Emma's transformation isn't quite as dramatic as gaining sixty-seven pounds, donning blackface, or going full Dick Cheney. But it's still pretty surprising. It's funny how a simple dye job can change your whole appearance. Who do you think the La La Land actress looks like? I say, Lucius Malfoy. Keep her away from Harry Potter.