This fan matched iconic 'Game of Thrones' scenes to their real location

This fan matched iconic 'Game of Thrones' scenes to their real location

While it's easy for fans of Game of Thrones to get so immersed in the show that we don't think about where or how they are filming the scenes, it can be fun to find out exactly where the series' most iconic moments really took place. You may have read about the fact that scenes beyond the wall are shot in Iceland, or that King's Landing is often filmed in Croatia, but this fan has done the research and come up with something a little different.

Andrea David, a Hamburg-based woman who describes herself as a "Set Jetter, Film Geek & Travel Blogger", has an amazing Instagram where she goes to the real locations where movies have shot scenes, then compares them to a still from the film. Now she's set her eyes on Game of Thrones, revealing exactly where our favourite scenes really took place...

1. Cersei walking the steps in Dubrovnik, Croatia

2. The Purple Wedding in Park Gradac, Dubrovnik

3. Daenerys in Malta

4. Sansa and Loras in Königsmund, Croatia

5. Tyrion Lannister in Ulica od Rupa, Dubrovnik

6. Robb Stark at Audley Castle in Northern Ireland

7. Cersei and Jorah at Minčeta Tower, Dubrovnik

8. Ned Stark's execution in Malta

9. Daenery's wedding in Gozo, Malta

10. Jon Snow in Iceland

It's really interesting seeing these fantastical stories in their real life setting, isn't it? Next time you're on holiday, you can probably get a Game of Thrones location guide for countries like Croatia and find out exactly where all the political manipulations and violent scenes took place! In the mean time, why not check out this list of the real-life partners of the Game of Thrones cast?