Fans are dressing up as Pennywise the Clown to see ‘It’ and people are freaking out

Fans are dressing up as Pennywise the Clown to see ‘It’ and people are freaking out

Stephen King's seminal novel 'It' has been scaring readers for decades now. The story follows seven schoolchildren as they discover a dark secret at the heart of their town, an unknown monster that they only call 'It'. This creature is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of town residents over centuries, and has the power to transform into its victim's worst nightmare.

The image that has remained the most memorable has to be that of Pennywise the Clown. While a fear of clowns has been present in the world since before the book came out, 'It' definitely bolstered that fear. Pennywise is unbelievably creepy, as he lures children to their horrific deaths with the promise of balloons and candy floss.

As was bound to happen, the lengthy coming-of-age tale of gruesome murders and menacing clowns was made into a mini-series in 1990, four years after the release of the book. Effectively a three-hour movie split in two, this adaptation starred Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown, and his version of the character became iconic.

But now, with 27 years having passed since that incarnation of the character, we've got a new one in Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the creepy clown. The film, which has been getting rave reviews so far, is a big deal for fans of the book who have been waiting to see it on the big screen for years. Some fans are so enthusiastic, they are going to extreme lengths to show their adoration for the source material.

Recently, the Alamo Drafthouse, a cinema in Austin Texas, hosted a clown-only screening of Andrés Muschietti's film. Funnily enough, this was in response to one commenter earlier this year, who was complaining about the fact they'd had a woman-only screening for Wonder Woman.

These screenings have since spread outside of the Texas cinema to others that are part of the Alamo Drafthouse chain, but some fans apparently don't need an organised event to show up dressed up in their full clown attire. In fact, across the U.S. people are just turning up dressed as Pennywise, scaring the hell out of other moviegoers.

Imagine being alone in the cinema, turning around and seeing that! It would be scary enough watching a lighthearted comedy, but when the horrifying star of 'It' is a clown, this will definitely give you nightmares.

This Twitter user later talked to the clown, and apparently "he's actually alright". To be completely honest, this guy could be the nicest bloke in the world and I will still not be cool with his presence in the cinema. Yet this isn't the only person this has happened to.

Well, I'm definitely going to check out this new version of 'It' whenever I get the chance this week, and I sincerely hope I don't have to sit next to an overzealous fan dressed up like this. At least, that is, if it's not the real Pennywise...