Here's how much the young stars of 'Stranger Things' make per episode

Here's how much the young stars of 'Stranger Things' make per episode

Sometimes it's easy to forget how young the cast of Stranger Things are. The show, which has launched its second series today, features a cast of actors with ages ranging from 13 to 16. Now, for one second, think about what you were doing from the ages of 13 - 16. I, for one, was discovering what adult movies were, running around playing football and trying to forge a career in the world of indie music. One thing I wasn't doing was earning an insane amount of money while descending the diamante-studded ladder to superstardom.

The young stars of the show Finn Wolfhard (14), Millie Bobby Brown (13), Gaten Matarazzo (15) and Caleb McLaughlin (16) are now internationally recognised celebrities. And as is the case with the select few people in a similar position to them: with great exposure, comes great money. In simple terms, these kids are getting paid s**tloads.

So how much are these little ones earning? Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the four main stars of the show are earning roughly $30,000 per episode for the first two seasons of the smash-hit series. The quartet were also handed a healthy "less than six figure" bonus by Netflix, after they realised how much of a hit the show had been with the audience.

While these figures may seem absolutely mind-boggling given the age of the actors involved, it's still peanuts compared to some adult stars. The cast of The Big Bang Theory (AKA the worst show in the world), are said to earn an absolutely insane $1 million per episode. Still though, while $30,000 is measly compared to these figures, it's a hell of a lot of money for a child.

The Hollywood Reporter also claims that the cast are set to re-negotiate their contracts in 2018, despite the fact that they have signed for six years. No doubt that given the success of the show, they will be getting a pretty hefty pay-rise to reflect their new found fame.

Due to the rising popularity and demand for the cast, there are suggestions that series 3 and 4 will be shot back-to-back, in order to avoid "any potentially awkward adolescent transitions for its young actors," who will no doubt be tapped up by other production companies. While the writers, producers and creators of the show are not to keen on the method of production, it's believed that they are willing to adapt in order for the show's popularity to continue.

The crew are hoping that Stranger Things will eventually get the attention they feel it deserves from awards shows, with a source saying:

"If the series has any luck at the Emmys that will only intensify."

So there you have it, those four kids are earning more money than I do in a year... which is nice. As I said, what these guys are earning isn't a huge amount given the world they are in. But when you factor in their age, it's easy to say that they probably don't have any troubles at the moment.