Here's why Rupert Grint doesn't enjoy watching the 'Harry Potter' movies

Here's why Rupert Grint doesn't enjoy watching the 'Harry Potter' movies

Ron Weasley was the best character in Harry Potter series, do not try and argue with me. Even before I saw the films, Ron was firmly my favourite character. But the moment I saw Rupert Grint bring my fave Potter character to life, I loved Ron even more. Out of the three of them (Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson), Grint easily stole the show. His depiction of Ron was funny, heartwarming and convincing. Grint, along with Radcliffe and Watson helped heard heaps of new fans towards the franchise. But, sadly for the flame-haired actor, it also seems like it also ruined Harry Potter for him.

Since finishing the series, Grint has gone on to star in several small productions without ever really landing a "headline" role. Unlike his co-stars, he's kept a fairly low profile since Harry Potter finished, with the most notable news about him being that he bought himself an ice cream van.

In an interview with the Radio Times this week, Grint outlined that while he used to adore the fame he was receiving at 11 or 12 years-old, he now finds it a lot harder to deal with.

“It’s definitely manageable. I end up having to take a selfie [for a fan] most days, but I’ve never really minded if it makes people happy – though I hate it when people take pictures without asking. It was really exciting when I was about 11 or 12, but it got harder in my teenage years. Sometimes you just want to be invisible.”

Although he is starring in Sky 1's Sick Note, it seems that Grint spends the majority of his time watching TV. The actor says that he enjoys the likes of Brass Eye, Alan Partridge, The Great Pottery Throw Down, Bake Off and even RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“I also like game shows like Tipping Point and Pointless, and the classic game shows, which you find on Challenge. I went through a phase where I was watching really old ones like 3-2-1 and Family Fortunes with Les Dennis. And Supermarket Sweep is a favourite. I’d love to go on that. Well, I’d love to host it. I’d rather go on The Crystal Maze.”

But, in some shocking and sad news, it seems like Grint doesn't have much time for the Harry Potter films. Despite being one of the faces that has inspired a generation and wowed audiences across the world, Rupert just can't enjoy the films anymore.

“I think being in things ruins them for me,” he told the new edition of Radio Times. “I can’t enjoy Harry Potter any more, not as a fan – it’s just not the same!”

Its a sad state of affairs when Ron no longer enjoys the story that he helped bring to life. Still, I imagine Rupert isn't too bothered, as it's reported that he has a net worth of around $50 million. I'll guess we'll all have to watch the films for him.