House of Cards Season 6 will continue without Kevin Spacey

House of Cards Season 6 will continue without Kevin Spacey

On House Of Cards, Kevin Spacey played corrupt politician Frank Underwood, and it's no coincidence the initials are "F.U." Underwood is a devious, ruthless sociopath that you just love to hate. For five seasons, we watched him manipulate people, claw his way to power, and destroy his enemies. Like other shows about antiheroes - Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos - we hoped that before it was all over, we'd finally see this man get his comeuppance.

However, Kevin Spacey's real-life scandals threw the show's production into jeopardy. It all started with Broadway actor Anthony Rapp. He said that in 1986, Spacey made inappropriate sexual advances toward him at a party, when he was only 14 years old. Spacey issued a statement apologizing, and claimed not to remember the incident because he was drunk. Then he announced he was gay, in an obvious attempt to distract from the allegations. This did not work. Spacey got a lot of criticism.

If that was an isolated incident, maybe Spacey's career would have survived (maybe). But it was just the beginning. Multiple people came forward, telling stories about Spacey's predatory, inappropriate behavior - including eight of his fellow employees from House Of Cards. Netflix immediately severed all ties with the 58-year-old actor. They announced they would not move forward with the release of his film about Gore Vidal, and they suspended production on season six of House of Cards, which had just began shooting.

Fans wondered what would happen to the series. Would it continue? If so, how could they do it without Spacey? Would they kill his character off, and focus on Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood? Or would they recast him? After all, it worked for Sony. In a stunning turn of events, Spacey was dropped from the Ridley Scott film All The Money In The World, after it was already completed. Just a month before the release date, all of Spacey's scenes were reshot with 87-year-old actor Christopher Plummer. Maybe Plummer could take over on House of Cards, and be re-edited into all of Spacey's projects.

Well, we finally have an answer. Today Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos announced that season six is officially happening without Kevin Spacey. "We were really excited we could get to an agreement...for the conclusion of the show," Sarandos said. While previous seasons were thirteen episodes, this one will be eight episodes, and star Robin Wright. (If you look up House of Cards on Netflix,  you'll notice she's already replaced Kevin Spacey on the cover art).

It's too bad the show didn't end a couple seasons ago, so we would see Frank Underwood get what he deserves, but hey, at least fans will get some closure. It's also great news for the staff. Sarandos said that 370 people work directly on the show, as well as 2,000 people in Baltimore. And now none of them have to worry about Kevin Spacey touching them inappropriately at work.

Man, Kevin Spacey's career really fell apart quickly, didn't it? It was almost like a...shoot. Can't think of a metaphor.