James McAvoy has undergone a stunning body transformation for a new movie role

James McAvoy has undergone a stunning body transformation for a new movie role

Part and parcel of being an actor is being willing to undergo serious body transformations in order to portray the character that you have been cast as. Famous examples of extreme body transformations include the likes of Christian Bale in The Machinist and Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises.

While some actors, such as Hardy and Bale, are known for their ability to gain muscle and shed weight at the drop of a hat, others are not so well-known for this type of method acting. When you think of James McAvoy, you think of him playing the likes of Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men or Dr Nicholas Garrigan in The Last King of Scotland. Or, if like me, and you're not a watcher of that many films, you will remember him as Steve McBride from Shameless. While McAvoy is undoubtedly a hugely talented actor, he is not exactly known for his physique.

This is not to say that McAvoy isn't in shape, he's just a slim guy. His natural body shape is pretty streamlined and not exactly what you call "hench". However, as many fitness gurus and personal trainers will tell you - no matter what your body type, everybody can build muscle mass.

If the latest photos of McAvoy are anything to go by, it certainly looks like the Scottish actor has taken heed of this advice. He was recently cast in the new M. Night Shyamalan film Glass, which is due for release in 2019, and he has got absolutely massive.

McAvoy will be starring alongside some Hollywood royalty in the shape of Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis. Known for playing hard men in their movies, the actor has followed suit and buffed up in order to play Wendell Crumb/The Horde, a young man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

Crumb possesses over 23 personalities and his body chemistry changes with each personality, resulting in one final personality - known aptly as "The Beast".

Recent pictures of the actor out in Philadelphia have emerged online and users of Twitter have lost their collective mind at his body transformation and new found muscle. While most of us try to slim down throughout the year, particularly before the festive period, McAvoy has gone the other way and has been busy piling on the pounds.

Jennifer Williams wasn't the only user to notice exactly how hench McAvoy has become, with plenty of users gushing about the Scot.

However, some people were quick to point out that they've always had a crush on the actor before his new found muscles came into the picture.

It's a pretty impressive transformation from McAvoy, who has even shaved his head in order to fit in with Willis and Jackson. Still, it takes a lot of work to get that hench and I think I'd just rather eat a burger and drink a beer, thanks.