JK Rowling just poured cold water on a legendary and long-standing 'Harry Potter' myth

JK Rowling just poured cold water on a legendary and long-standing 'Harry Potter' myth

Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises on the planet. As a book series, it captivated millions across the world and its audience only grew once it was adapted into a series of movies. For a generation of children, it became a go-to subject that everyone can speak about. However, it wasn't just millennials obsessing over the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione, but parents too - no doubt roped into reading it to their children but becoming as captivated as their offspring were.

With such a passionate fandom comes a fair amount of theories to go with it - many of which the author may not have intended, with some being completely bonkers. There have been some theories that have been confirmed by J.K. Rowling herself, who has a significant presence on social media to communicate with fans of the series and speak up on issues that are close to her heart.

However, not everything she tweets out is going to make people happy - and in this case she has disappointed many fans by debunking a myth that has sprung out of the series. Those who study at the University of Exeter in England had their dreams crushed when they found out that a location from the Potterverse was not inspired by their local.

Rowling, in fact, confirmed that The Leaky Cauldron pub was not inspired by the Old Fire House in Exeter at all. It had long been rumored that the favorite location for any wizard or witch visiting Diagon Alley, which many in the area latched onto. The pub has now become a favorite spot for Exeter students, being the right age to have grown up with the Harry Potter books and movies as a central part of their childhoods. The university's official Harry Potter society even hosts events there.

Once a news story about the property spread over the internet, the author weighed in and disappointed a lot of people. Not only did she inform us all that the story was fabricated, but revealed that she has never even visited the Old Fire House. “If you want real fantasy, go to an estate agent,” Rowling wrote on Twitter. “Never visited this pub in my life.”

Rowling received a wide range of responses from fans online, especially those who had studied there. The Potter society responded, "Why would you crush our dreams like this".

In one humorous exchange, Whats on Devon Live tried to salvage the story, only to be taken down by a Harry Potter reference that fans may recognize:

Many joked about how people believe unsubstantiated claims, worrying that what estate agents tell them about their property may be fabricated when it comes down to things like this.

While it is a great little fact to get excited about - maybe next time double-check the truth before you start spreading false trivia like this. After all, all it will do is break the hearts of obsessive fans.