These kids were caught sneaking into 'Black Panther' with a very clever disguise

These kids were caught sneaking into 'Black Panther' with a very clever disguise

This week, the Marvel movie Black Panther finally made its long-awaited entrance to movie theaters across the world, and although it's still fairly early days, it's safe to say that so far, this highly-anticipated film is living up to the hype. With the superhero film making as much as $194 million over its first three days of release, there are many people who are eagerly waiting to see Black Panther, and two boys have gone viral for their very creative efforts.

With a PG-13 rating, there will undoubtedly be some youngsters out there who want to see Black Panther but are as yet too young, but rather than getting their parents or waiting for the Blu Ray release, these two kids thought of a way to sneak into a screening. Their plan was ultimately unsuccessful, but internet fame is a decent consolation for these two innovative youngsters.

While we don't quite know their names, the Twitter user known as Pillsbury (@stevelikescups) seems to be in on this cartoony caper, employing an old-timey technique known as the "two-for-one".

The Little Rascals attempted to pull off this trick as many as 70 years ago, and fans of the Netflix show Bojack Horseman will be familiar with Vincent Adultman, a recurring character who managed to fool most people and even have a relationship with one of the characters on the show, despite clearly being a child on top of another child's shoulders, all of which is concealed by a trenchcoat and a hat.

Surprisingly, this clever ploy didn't quite work with the theater manager, but the rest of the internet was pretty taken with this innovative idea. Pillsbury's video has now been viewed more than four million times in the space of a couple of days, and Twitter was awash with praise for these clever kids.

It just goes to show how popular Black Panther is proving to be with kids all over the country and indeed the world, and these two boys won't be the only ones trying to sneak into a screening. Chadwick Boseman, the star of the movie who dons the catsuit as King T'Challa, says that he'll try to sit in with the rest of us normals to see how we see things.

"We want to surprise some people and show up. You know, sneak in and listen to some people while they watch the movie. Just get a sense of what it is. So, you won't know I'm there. You know, you won't know I'm there unless we come out and surprise you. That's gonna be fun, to just share the movie."

I don't know what was going on in the mind of this particular theater manager, but if I were him, I'd probably find a way to get these two kids - sorry, this man - into the cinema without causing a fuss. If only for the sheer audacity of the attempt.