Kit Harington cried when he read the script for Game of Thrones' last episode

Kit Harington cried when he read the script for Game of Thrones' last episode

After seven seasons with countless twists, Easter eggs and heartbreak, the end of Game of Thrones is now firmly in sight. It's hard to believe that the first season only came out in 2011, and since then, the Odyssean HBO fantasy epic has firmly cemented itself as a cornerstone of modern pop culture, not to mention one of the greatest shows of all time.

Of course, you probably know by now that we won't see the conclusion of the saga until some time in 2019, but that doesn't mean that the show itself is resting on its laurels. With season eight drawing ever closer, some of the show's cast and crew have been let in on the massive secret that is Game of Thrones' final endgame.

One of the newly-enlightened cast is Kit Harington, who you probably know better as Jon Snow; the bastard of Ned Stark who turned out to be not quite that in the latest episode of Game of Thrones before its hiatus. He's been with us since the beginning, and it's no surprise that Harington got a little emotional when he read what would be the final script for Game of Thrones.

Last Friday, Kit Harington appeared on the One Show, and the 30-year-old took the time to talk about how his life is going at the moment. Considering he recently got engaged to fellow Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie, you could say he's having a decent time of it, but Harington also spoke about the show in an emotional fashion.

He revealed that he's had a read-through of Game of Thrones' final script, and considering what the George RR Martin adaptation has done for his acting career, it's no surprise that he got emotional thinking about the end, saying that he got "a bit weepy thinking about it".

"We had the read-through last week, in fact, so I know everything now. I cried at the end! It wasn’t anything particular that happens. You have to remember, I’ve done eight years of it. I think, no-one really cares about it more than us... It’s going to be a strange year saying goodbye to everyone and having last scenes with this person and that person. Not only you’re attached to it, loads of people around the world are attached to it."

Rather than linger with his Jon Snow persona once Game of Thrones' final episode airs in 2019, Jon Snow also revealed that he's getting rid of the trademark long locks as soon as filming's over, joking that nobody would be able to recognise him with short hair. He also expected the show would take some time off from filming so that he could get married to Rose Leslie.

Well, I don't know about you, but this has kind of helped me to realise that Game of Thrones truly is on its last legs. I know we've got a whole two years to wait, but that only comprises of six episodes. That's not enough Game of Thrones for me to enjoy, in my opinion. We can take a little solace, though, in knowing that the cast will be just as upset as we are as the closing credits flash on our screen for the final time.