Leaked 'Game of Thrones' casting announcement spoils an amazingly perfect fan theory

Leaked 'Game of Thrones' casting announcement spoils an amazingly perfect fan theory

We all know the drill with Game of Thrones now: don't expect anything to happen. Certainly, if you're amateur enough of a viewer to expect this or that speculated plot twist will come to fruition, you'll inevitably come to find that not only does it not happen, but that the complete opposite occurs seemingly to spite you.

Yes, in the world of Westeros, replete with dragons and mysterious mythological creatures, it seems as if anything goes. And as good as it is at providing us with veritable heartthrobs, it's also just as good at snatching them away, whether it's via a grotesque death sequence or a violent but accidental death.

And apparently, season eight of Game of Thrones will continue to deny us of heartthrobs, namely one of Dany's dashing lovers, Daario Naharis.

If you haven't finished watching season seven of Game of Thrones then beware, there are spoilers below.

By the end of the latest season, you'll know that Cersei Lannister had a new scheme brewing: after telling Jon Snow and Dany that she'd aid them in their battle to defeat the White Walkers, she quickly revealed to Jaime that it was all a lie. Her newest beau, Euron Greyjoy then proceeded to pull together an army to betray Westeros' newest and hottest  power couple.

Now, many fans speculated that one of the leaders of this so-called army was none other than the incredibly good looking Daario Naharis. This was just one of the many fan theories to take hold after season seven wrapped, and Thrones fans, with their incessant need for more information about the hit HBO television series, simply could not wait till 2019 to start taking bets on what exactly would go down in two years time.

While many were certain that Daario Naharis or Michiel Huisman would be returning as the mercenary army leader, a recent casting announcement put an end to all of that. In a now deleted post on the fan website, Watchers of the Wall, a user discovered that the role would be going to a newcomer named Marc Rissman, who is due to play a character named Harry Strickland.

In the Game of Thrones book series, Strickland runs The Golden Company. And by the looks of Marc Rissman's Instagram account, fans of Daario Naharis will have a rather good looking replacement. I guess it's not all bad, after all.

But we do have to remind ourselves that this is Game of Thrones, and as such we can't expect anything to go to plan. So for all of you die-hard Daario Naharis fans, you may not need to give up hope just yet...

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