New 'Game of Thrones' casting announcement confirms the return of a major house

New 'Game of Thrones' casting announcement confirms the return of a major house

Guys, it's almost 2018... which means it'll only be another year and a bit until Game of Thrones is back!

While the eighth and final season is sure to be epic, it will also be shorter than any season before it AND we're being made to wait much longer to see it. To keep us eager fans satisfied in the meantime, we're searching for as many little clues and details that come into the public eye every now and again to see what's to come.

The latest treat I have for you is in the form of a potential return of a major house that we thought had already been wiped out. The ever-investigative folk over at (surprise, surprise) Watchers on the Wall have been keeping their eyes peeled to see if anyone interesting is being cast, and someone interesting has indeed been cast

Someone's noticed that a young Irish actress by the name of Danielle Galligan has added Game of Thrones to her online acting profile, playing a character named "Sarra". It's been reported that this character will appear in an episode in the upcoming season eight directed by David Nutter.

So who is this mysterious Sarra? Well, super-fans have referred to George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books and surely enough, they found a girl named Sarra. Just one. And she's got the surname Frey.

Yes, this new character is probably one of Walder Frey's many granddaughters, one that must've survived Arya Stark's violent rampage that completely annihilated the male line of the family in the opening scene of season 7. According to details in the books, Sarra is a twin with Serra, and her father is Raymund Frey – Walder's eleventh son.

She was apparently one of the Frey women presented to Robb Stark as a marriage prospect way back in the beginning of the series, something we now know he shouldn't have turned down after the gruesome consequences of the Red Wedding. It could be because Sarra is described in the books as "pimply".

However, the Game of Thrones we know and love on screen has just "borrowed" a name from the books to bestow upon a minor or otherwise unimportant character before, so chances are they could just be doing that again.

Galligan, who will be playing this Sarra character, posted a photo at a bar in Belfast a few weeks ago, together with two other young actresses, Alice Nokes and Emer McDaid. Walkers on the Wall reported that McDaid's online acting profile listed that she had just wrapped for season 8, but it didn't specify a role name.

The caption on the photo reads "Aaaaaand that’s a wrap," and given that Belfast is the main base for cast and crew, and the home of Titanic Studios (where Game of Thrones films a lot of stuff), it's pretty much proof that the three girls were working on an episode together.

The fact that they've already finished filming indicates that Sarra and the other characters probably aren't that significant, which isn't surprising given the intricate web of side-stories and subplots season seven put forth that need to be resolved, not to mention the lead-up to the Great War that's going to be a major focus on the final season.

In any case, the return of a Frey heir would be a surprising reappearance on the show... Well, it would've been if I didn't just research all this.