People think there is a hidden meaning behind Daenerys' braids on 'Game of Thrones'

People think there is a hidden meaning behind Daenerys' braids on 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones is a television series that's all about the details. You really need to pay attention to subtly mentioned family histories to understand the politics, and you'll spot surprising cameos in the background characters (hello Ed Sheeran). To figure out certain characters, you need only analyse their body language, costumes and even... their hairstyles.

Diehard fans will overanalyse everything, and often they'll share their opinions after getting a little too excited after reading way too much into certain things in the show. And sometimes these kind of fan theories are bang on the money.

A Redditor posted this theory last week: "Daenerys gets more braids in her hair as she wins more victories – following the Dothraki tradition and proving her valour as a Khaleesi."

And it actually makes sense. The Dothraki people pride themselves on their braids, with the longer the better (wink wink). Dothraki fighters braid their hair and cut it off only if they lose a fight. So the person with the longest braid is probably going to be the best fighter.

In season 1, Daenerys' vile brother Viserys throws a tantrum and yells at Dany for assimilating the Dothraki culture, jibing that she'll be trying to braid his hair next. She responds by saying hell no, braids are only for people who have won victories. Here's the scene:

Earlier in the season, she is introduced to viewers for the first time looking like this:

And in the latest episode – the season 7 finale – her locks looked a little more intricate:

The theory suggests that Daenerys' hair is way more complex now because she's much more powerful. The idea is that she incorporates more braids as she wins more victories. You can see how the braids get more numerous and complicated over the seasons:

And fans are pretty impressed with the detail:

Although others were ready to point out exactly why the theory wasn't so accurate (there's always one):

Still, it's a nod to the Dothraki culture that helped Daenerys gain power. Someone else said the intricacies of her braids was just due to a bigger costume budget:

Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys is naturally a brunette. She usually has to wear a bald cap to cover her dark roots underneath a "Khaleesi Wig", of which there must be many iterations. The show's hair designer, Kevin Alexander, said that Emilia's pale blonde wigs get ruined very easily:

"They’re quite sensitive to atmosphere, so if in a fire scene, there’s too much smoke or whatever, they just go gray. You just lose them."

But a few weeks ago, Clarke surprised fans by posting a mid-dye selfie telling fans she had gone a Targaryen shade of blonde:

The caption read:

"Mother of dragons meet Emilia. Emilia meet mother of dragons. If you squint just so you might never know. ?⚡️ All hail to the magnificence of @kevalexanderhair and @candicebanks74 the genius creators of 'KHALEESI WIG' (and not forgetting all the hair on game of thrones for 8 glorious years) for at long last making this magical moment a reality." 

No guessing why she finally dyed her hair: it's pretty obvious that it's for the filming of the final season, which is said to be underway now. In the latest update from her blonde experiment, Clarke pointed out that her IQ has "stayed around average" and that blondes take more selfies:

Who knew so much could be read into hair.