The Plaza Hotel are giving you the chance to live like Kevin McAllister from 'Home Alone'

The Plaza Hotel are giving you the chance to live like Kevin McAllister from 'Home Alone'

Christmas is just around the corner, and all of us (bar the scrooges of the world) are more than ready to get into the festive season. I mean, let's be real; Christmas is just a great excuse for us to eat junk food, watch feel-good films and spend a ridiculous amount of money on ourselves under the guise of "gift shopping". And yes, while we all dread being in such close quarters with our family, we at least have the dulcet tones of Mariah Carey, George Michael and the veritable king of Christmas, Michael Bublé to soothe any woes.

Asking people what their favourite Christmas movie is, however, can be a rather divisive endeavour. Now, I don't know about you but I have lost respect for some of my nearest and dearest after discovering that Jingle All The Way is their favourite Christmas flick. The correct answer obviously lies somewhere in between Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life and Die Hard.

But for me, personally, no Christmas is complete without watching Home Alone and Home Alone 2 back to back. Certainly, the adventures of Kevin McAllister enthralled nineties children everywhere, and were undoubtedly responsible for a significant amount of time-outs. And regardless of whether you're more fond of the first film or the second (the third is obviously a write off), you'll be excited to learn that the Plaza Hotel are giving us a chance live the high-life a la Kevin McAllister in the Lost in New York installment.

One of New York's iconic hallmarks, the Plaza Hotel, is offering holiday-goers the opportunity to live like Kevin for the weekend, and all for the rather princely sum of $895 (£679).

The blurb on The Plaza's website elaborates, "In room and throughout the hotel a variety of experiences inspired by Kevin’s time over the holiday’s here at The Plaza will come to life for guests to enjoy".

They continue:

"Beyond the in room experience, guests are invited to dine in the Todd English Food Hall to taste-test a 90’s inspired menu with upscale versions of childhood favorites, or to head over to the interactive photo-experience where they’ll find themselves in Kevin’s New York journey. Remember, if you ever find yourself Lost in New York, you’ll never be Home Alone at The Plaza."

And it doesn't just end there. For those who have shelled out the big bucks for the Home Alone 2 experience, there will also be a "one-of-a-kind" photo experience which allows fans to literally "be Kevin" and "experience his journey throughout the movie". This will apparently involve a "walk" through the legendary New York skyline, where guests will meet the Wet (or sticky) Bandits and revisit the Central Park spots featured in the film. Participants will then have a "custom photo booth experience" so that they can take their photos home with them as souvenirs.

The five-star, luxury hotel also acknowledges that "with no parents around, Kevin ate his way through New York City", and so they endeavour to make that a reality for their lucky guests too. The Plaza's Todd English Food Hall will be dishing up some nostalgia, serving upscale twists on all our (and Kevin's) childhood favourites. Expect to find SpaghettiOs, gourmet "Todd" pockets, Charcuterie Lunchables, Funyun Rings, and Sunny-D and Zima inspired cocktails. It will certainly be the perfect thing to come back to, after a spot of ice-skating.

It's all sounds delightful, no?

But here's to hoping that Donald Trump doesn't make a cameo...

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